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How to unsuspend your Twitter account?

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Most people use social media websites to voice their opinions and express their feelings on Twitter. The topics can range from current affairs to politics or technical debates and so on.

These can all be very beneficial regarding helping organisations do a proper analysis of the sentiments of the public and may influence further decisions.

However, a problem arises when people do not follow the rules required to have a legit Twitter account. For this, they may end up getting their accounts suspended.

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Why is your Twitter account suspended?

Twitter thinks you’re spam

Many people misuse their Twitter accounts by putting forth their opinions anonymously. Most of the time these opinions are neither constructive nor respectful.

Also, these people who hide behind fake profiles compromise the security of other users while spamming them.

They create fake accounts so that their profiles are not traced back to them and cause them any trouble. But, Twitter detects such activities, and it results in them suspending the accounts of such people.

Your account security might be compromised

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If Twitter senses that your account has been compromised and that hackers have access to your account, they suspend the it. This is done so that the attacker does not cause any further advantage since they have control over the account.

When hackers get access to your account, they can cause havoc by tweeting posts that can be offensive, disrespectful or spammy.

You’ve had a history of abusive tweets or behaviour

Twitter users have the liberty of reporting abusive behaviour. So when they get reports from other users saying that you have been tweeting abusive or offensive tweets and misusing the twitter handle for cyber-bullying, they will suspend your Twitter account.

This is quite helpful because such platforms were initially created to develop a healthy environment wherein everyone’s sentiments were upheld but not by use of derogatory means.

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How to unsuspend my Twitter account

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Unsuspending Twitter account by yourself

When you log into your account, and it says that your account has been suspended, there will be a prompt for you to provide your mobile number or email address that was submitted during account registration.

After the credentials are validated, follow the instructions provided, and your account will be unsuspended.

File an appeal

If you are unable to unsuspend the account by the help of the instructions and if there has been a mistake by which Twitter has suspended your account, you can officially appeal to Twitter to unsuspend the account.

You will need to provide your login credentials for this along with a brief description for why you are filing the appeal.

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Unsuspending a limited Twitter account

Twitter can temporarily lock your account when they have noticed abusive or spammy behaviour. By this, you may be asked to verify your profile information before you can proceed to unsuspending your account.

  • If you are prompted with the message that ‘Your account is locked’, then look for the Start option and select it.
  • You will be asked to provide your mobile number. This number will get associated with your account after that.
  • A text code or phone call delivering a verification code will be sent to this number.
  • Submit this code to unlock your account.

An email will also be sent to your email address with the relevant details. Although your account has been unlocked, it may happen that when you tweet something, the viewers will be asked for confirmation for permission to view activities of questionable nature since unusual activity was detected from your account in the past.

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Parinita Haldar

Parinita Haldar