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What is UCC id in Upstox?

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Launched in 2016, Upstox is an online trading arm of Mumbai-based RKSV Securities, a financial service provider brokerage firm. It is a trading platform where you can invest in multiple segments like stocks, equities, commodities, futures, options, and currencies etc., across exchanges like BSE and NSE. You can also expand your trading portfolio by buying Digital Gold, IPO and Mutual Funds from thousands of options.

The platform offers trading analysis, charting, financial data, unlimited price alert warnings, and many more rich trading features to help you make better decisions to facilitate easy and informative investing. 

Therefore cost-effective brokerage plans and easy-to-understand video series on Youtube makes Upstox relatively more reliable among online stockbrokers available on the web and mobile.

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What is Upstox UCC id?

This UCC id is a kind of KYC (Know your client) — an identification that is common in the banking sector. UCC stands for Unique Client Code and is basically an alphanumeric/numeric representations of the client,s account in the brokerage database.

There are multiple ways to refer to the ID like Upstox Client id, Upstox user id, Upstox login ID. But it is simply a Beneficial Owner Identification Number (BOID) that gives the user licence to trade and an address to receive and send emails.

After completing documentation concerning Demat account creation on Upstox, it’ll take about two working days to get the UCC ID and password via email and SMS.

What is UCC id in Upstox? How to retrieve UCC ID in Upstox?

It goes without saying that every client has a different UCC ID, which works as an identity upon which every transaction on Upstox takes place and provides further security to the client’s valuables. In addition, it helps the service provider keep tabs on the functions and monitoring of users account portfolio and funds distribution.

UCC ID holds client PAN number, DOB, mobile number, email id, bank account details, TM/CM code, among other personal details.

Besides, the concept of mapping UCC ID with Demat account is rather new. SEBI implemented it in its circular of 2019 to facilitate the working of an early warning mechanism to detect the stockbroker’s diversion of client’s securities.

How to retrieve the UCC id in UpStox?

If you cannot recall your UCC id, you can retrieve it using the ‘Forgot User ID’ link on the Sign-in screen.

In addition, you can retrieve your User ID using your PAN number, registered Email ID or registered mobile number. Upstox will immediately send the User ID to your registered Email ID and mobile number by entering any one of the three and the CAPTCHA details.

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