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Valorant cheats can get you hacked

Security analysts at ASEC, a Korean cybersecurity firm have spotted a malware campaign that’s using Valorant cheats as a way to distribute the RedLine malware. 

The campaign points to a download link for an aimbot for Valorant, a popular first-person shooter game by Riot. This abuse is relatively common as threat actors can easily bypass YouTube’s new content submission reviews or create new accounts altogether. 

A video showing off the cheats that contain RedLine malware. | Source: ASEC

The aimbots claim to help players aim at enemies and shoot without much skill required, making them a highly sought-after piece of software for popular titles such as Valorant as they allow for far quicker rank progression in-game. Users who download the file get a RAR archive named which has an executable file called “Cheat installer.exe”. 

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Cheating can lead to bigger problems

What appears to be an installer for the cheat, which works as an add-on in-game, is actually the installer file for RedLine stealer, one of the most popular password-stealing malware that can steal the following information from the victim’s computer.

Once RedLine has the information it needs, the malware packages everything in a zip file called ‘().zip’ and extracts the file to the operator using a WebHook API POST request to a Discord server. 

The download page for the cheats. | Source: ASEC

The use of Discord in such campaigns isn’t new. It’s a popularly used program that is used by threat actors to operate bots and act as a command and control centre. Besides, cheats in general not only ruin the game for everyone involved but have historically been a constant source of malware and viruses for those who decided to use them.

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