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Veritone launches Marvel.Ai to clone and license voice of celebrities

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Veritone launches, a platform to allow media companies, brands, influences and celebrities to clone and monetise their voice.

The California-based AI tech company’s latest offering will allow celebrities and influencers to create a synthetic clone of their voice using its AI technology. They can then license, manage and monetise their deepfake voice using the on-site tools.

The company is set to compete with traditional studios where their target audience is most likely to go and record audio for commercial use — while aiming to reduce “time and travel constraints.

According to Veritone, Marvel.Ai could help brands and media companies streamline their advertisement production time by licensing the synthetic voice content, enabling them to go to market quicker.

“Veritone is a natural extension of our expertise in artificial intelligence, digital content licensing and audio advertising. By offering the most advanced synthetic voice models and supporting both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech processes, Veritone is setting the standard for the synthetic content ecosystem,” said Ryan Steelberg, president of Veritone.

Veritone licensing business, which works with media and sports brands including CBS News, Bloomberg, SCMP and NCAA, will also support Marvel.Ai, making it easier for creators to license audio, video and other media from these productions. Overall, Veritone aims at building a complete solution for brands and media companies for sourcing assets.

The company’s content licensing and rights management experience also puts them in a comfortable position to protect the content generated from Marvel.Ai and use it in a compliant way, with permission from the voice owners.

“Whether you’re a media company, brand, or an influencer, celebrity or athlete, the ability to easily create custom, authentic voices means that Veritone is a true game-changer for the media and entertainment industries,” Steelberg added. “We uphold the highest standards of security and believe that transparency is critical to maintaining that trust. We will always protect our users, their voice identities and any content our users create with our Veritone technologies.”

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