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Why is my Verizon router blinking white?

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Your router is by far the most important part of your home network. Without a proper router, you won’t be able to make the most out of your WiFi connection, not to mention you might not even use your internet bandwidth to its full capacity. 

Most routers use LED lights to indicate their status, since slapping a display on a router isn’t the most practical thing. However, while the technically adept might be able to tell what’s going on with a router with a simple glance, most people just get confused. 

In this article, we’re talking about why your Verizon router is blinking white and what you can do to fix the problem. 

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Why is your Verizon router blinking white?

There are a number of different things a white light on a Verizon router can indicate including the following.

  • The router was reset and it’s going through the booting process.
  • Bad connection.
  • Interference from other devices.
  • A firmware upgrade is in process.
  • Power outage.

How to fix this?

Here are seven fixes you can try out. 

Give the router some time

Regardless of whether your router is updating or is trying to connect to the internet, give it some time to go through the process. If you restart your router in the middle of a firmware update, that can cause problems and even brick your router due to an improperly installed firmware update. Give it about 30 minutes, give or take and check back again to see if the router has started working. 

Restart the router

One of the first things you should do in these situations is restart your router. Restarting internet devices can fix seemingly random issues that cause connectivity problems, including the Verizon router blinking white issue. Just turn off your router (and modem) and wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on again. 

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Power cycle the router

Power cycling your router is similar to restarting it, except power cycling drains all the residual power in the router as well. All you have to do is turn the router off by using the power button and wait 10 seconds before unplugging the power cable from the wall outlet.

Wait another 10 seconds before unplugging the power cable from the router too. Now, wait for another three to five minutes before restarting your router. Be sure to plug the power cable in the router first and then the wall outlet. 

Check the WAN cable for damage

If your incoming WAN cable is damaged, your internet connection will be disturbed. Check to see if the cable (usually coax) is properly connected and that there is no physical damage to the cable. If you find some damage, reach out to Verizon support to get their help repairing or fixing the cable.

Check for an outage 

Well, apart from the obvious lack of any network coverage, you can log on to My Verizon, and you should be able to see a network notification at the top of the screen. If you don’t and you suspect you’re still impacted by an outage, enter “network outage” in the chat box and wait for a response.

You can also use third-party sites such as DownDetector to determine whether or not an outage impacts your area. 

Check for a firmware upgrade

Check to see if there are any new firmware upgrades or updates for your router and if there are, install them right away before trying again. More often than not, router manufacturers will publish frequent updates for their devices that can fix any reoccurring glitches.

Factory reset the router

Most routers have a reset button at the back which will reset the router to its default settings. If you’ve misconfigured some settings on your router or have been impacted by a bug or virus, resetting your router can fix these issues. Do remember that you’ll have to reconfigure the router with the credentials given by your ISP. 

Reach out to Verizon support

If all else fails, your best bet to fix the Verizon router blinking white issue is to just get on a call with Verizon support and get an in-field technician to come to help you with your issue. 

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