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How to watch League of Legends (LOL) replays?

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Among several other features for its summoners, League of Legends also allows players to download and watch their LOL replays and highlights. If you’re unable to find how to download the LOL replays to watch later or where the replays are being downloaded, we’ve got you covered here.

In this article, we explain how you can watch LOL replays but to be able to do that, you’ll need to download the replays and also know where they’re being downloaded. Check out the guides below to know everything you need to for watching League of Legends replays.

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How to download LOL replays?

Login to the League of Legends game client and follow the steps below to download LOL replays to watch them.

  • Click on Profile from the options at the top.
  • On the profile page, click on Match History.
  • Now you’ll see the history and stats of the last 20 matches you’ve played. Scroll to the game you want to download the replay for and click on the download icon to its right.

You can now watch the LOL replay, which will be downloaded on your PC. If you’re not sure about where the video has been downloaded or if you wish to change the download location of LOL replays, check out the guide below.

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How to change where LOL Replays are downloaded?

To make sure you can find your LOL replays, here’s how you can check and customise the download location.

Step 1: Click on the Gear (settings) icon at the top-right of the League of Legends game client (located to the left of the ‘X’ close window icon.

Step 2: On the pop-up settings menu, click on Replays from the sidebar. You can now see the highlights and replays location on your PC where they’re saved. To edit the LOL replays download location, click on the Pencil (edit) icon to the right of Replays Location. Then click on the Done button to save the changes. You can now go to the location where the videos are being downloaded to watch the LOL replays.

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