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Top 10 websites to pick up a new skill

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Learning a new skill can be an excellent way to improve oneself. It is a productive way to spend your spare time and add something new and valuable to your skill set.

But many of us are short on time and have hectic schedules and are unable to make time for learning a new skill. Fortunately, many websites have started to offer to teach new skills online — from the comfort of your home.

These skill learning sites provide quality content at a nominal charge and offer a variety of different types of skills taught by professionals that you can learn.

Here are our top sites which you can visit to start learning today.

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Top 10 websites to learn a new skill from your home

Price: 1-month free trial then $15/month or $99/year

Skillshare is an online learning platform with a massive number of classes in structure, business, tech, and then some taught by professionals.

You can find Skillshare here


Pricing: $10-$15 per course, $240/yr for Udemy team package

Udemy is a popular online learning platform with over a claimed 100,000 courses to choose from. Unlike Skillshare you only need to pay for the course which you would like to take. Primarily it’s ideal for small teams and businesses.

You can find Udemy here

Pricing: One-month free trial and later $29.99/month or $24.99/year is an online learning portal owned by Linkedin. It is popular with business owners as it has many courses based on business, management, and soft skills.

You can find here


Pricing: Free/Ad-supported

Duolingo is a language learning app which can help you master new languages. It offers courses on over 30 languages currently.

You can find Duolingo here


Pricing: Free and Premium

If you consider a life-long learner, Brilliant is the site for you. Brilliant offers courses on various science, math, and computer science through problem-solving to help you understand the core concepts of each discipline.

You can find Brilliant here


Pricing: Depends upon the course

Do you wish to learn from some of the world’s renowned universities? edX is the site for you. edX offers courses on Engineering, Data Science, Business Management, and Human Resources from universities like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and much more.

You can find edX here


Pricing: Free/19.99/month

Learning to code is a wonderful skill to have in our computer-dominated world. Codecademy is an excellent place to start your journey of learning to code.

You can find Codecademy here


Pricing: Paid

If you are trying to get into the Tech and Engineering sector Thinkful might be your best choice. Thinkful offers one on one mentor session with industry experts who will guide you through the process of learning and achieving your professional goals.

You can find Thinkful here

Ultimate Guitar

Price: Paid

Ever wanted to play the guitar? Well, this is your chance to make your dreams into reality. Ultimate Guitar offers over 1,100,000 songs for you to master with an innovative learning system which will quickly get you jamming in no time.

You can find Ultimate Guitar here


Price: $90 for a single class $180 for all access pass

You might have heard about Masterclass with all the ads it has been running on various social media platforms. With celebrities, artists, and other industry titans, Masterclass is a professional, high-quality online learning platform for those who want to learn from the absolute best at what they do.

You can find Masterclass here

So, there you go our top 10 websites to pick up new skills happy learning.

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