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What does “initing” mean in League of Legends?

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Much like any other video game, League of Legends has its own set of slangs too and “initing” is one of the more common ones that you’ve most probably read in in-game chats (and probably why you’re reading this article too).

“Initing” stands for “intentional feeding” in League of Legends.

Now while a summoner having a bad game can also come across as a feeder, intentional feeding is different because whosoever is indulging in it is doing so out of the sheer will and not because they’re unable to perform for whatever reason in the current game or are having a bad streak.

Intentional feeders also often “flame” — another slang, which is used for players who’re slinging abuses at others, and by doing so are violating the summoner code as well as Riot’s terms of use, which can eventually get them banned too.

So, if anyone writes “Inting” in a LOL in-game chat, they’re referring to intentional feeding.

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Is Intentional Feeding bad?

Yes, very much so. Intentional feeding, or initing, doesn’t only mean that you’re readily throwing away the game but also shows the lack of sportsmanship overall.

While intentional feeding does make your team weaker as the opponents get more kills and eventually more gold that helps them build their champion relatively quickly, if you’re playing in the bigger leagues, it also takes the fun out of the game for your opponents too.

Not to mention that it increases your chances of getting reported immensely after the game, which in turn increases your chances of getting a temporary or a permanent ban from playing League of Legends.

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What can you do if someone is initing in LOL?

You’ll find toxic players in every online game and this isn’t a new phenomenon. Intentional feeding has been around in online team games for a long time.

If someone is intentionally feeding in League of Legends, either you can talk to them and try to calm them down or alternatively can report them after the game.

It isn’t recommended to engage with such players if they’re being toxic as that will result in you in getting enraged and probably toxic too and probably banned if someone (maybe the feeder themselves) happen to report you after the match. Just mute them in-game, try to play the game as best as you can to win, report afterwards and move on. If you want, you can block such players too.

It’s important that you report such cases as it helps Riot games make the LOL community a better place. However, don’t go on reporting everyone who is having a bad game as an intentional feeder. If someone is having a bad game, you can always talk to them calmly and make them see sense if they’re doing something wrong.

Reporting summoners falsely can eventually render your reports useless in League of Legend’s books.

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