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How do I know which Fitbit I have?

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With the ever-increasing popularity of wearable fitness trackers, Fitbit is one of the most commonly heard brands in the market, offering a range of devices to help individuals track their health and achieve their fitness goals.

Whether you have owned a Fitbit for a while or recently acquired one, it’s essential to know which model you have t make the most of its features and functions. Identifying your Fitbit can be a bit confusing, especially considering the numerous models and variations available.

In this article, we have discussed various methods that will help you find which Fitbit model you are using.

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Methods to find your Fitbit Model

Below we have explained a few ways that will help you find the Fitbit model you are using.

Check the package or order history

If you own a Fitbit then you must have the Fitbit box that came with the product, check the product box for the model name, almost all the Fitbit boxes have the model name mentioned on them.

If you have ordered your Fitbit online through an e-commerce site like Amazon and you misplaced the packaging box then you can check the order list, you will find all the details about the Fitbit model you have ordered.

Use the Fitbit App

Fitbit provides a dedicated mobile app that serves as a hub for all your fitness data and settings. If you have already connected your Fitbit to the mobile app, then you can look for the model name in the Fitbit app on your phone. To check your Fitbit model name through the mobile app follow the steps below.

  • Open your Fitbit app and then tap on the Profile icon located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • On the next page, look for the Fitbit model name that is connected to your mobile app.

Check the About in your Fitbit

If your Fitbit device is not connected to your phone app then you can directly check the model name from the about in your device settings. To do that follow the steps below.

  • Open your Fitbit and Swipe left.
  • Tap on the Settings app on your Fitbit.
  • Scroll down in settings and tap on About.
  • On the next screen, tap on the Regulatory info option.

The model number is available on the top. Unlike the phone, instead of the model name, you will see a 5-digit code as the model number. The model number begins with FB followed by three random numbers. You can search for the acquired model number on Google and find your model name.

Connect through Android Fast pair

Following Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, Fitbit devices now support Android Fast Pair. To begin, activate your Fitbit device, which will display a Download icon, then bring the device near an Android phone running Android 6 or above.

Upon bringing your Fitbit device near the Android phone, a prompt will appear on the screen to set up the device including the Fitbit model name. By tapping on the prompt, you can initiate the download of the Fitbit app and begin the setup process immediately.

Check the Products page on the Fitbit website

If none of the above methods works for you then the last way to find your Fitbit model name is by comparing your Fitbit with the product images displayed on the page. It is the easiest way to identify your Fitbit model is by examining the physical device itself. Different Fitbit models have distinct designs and features that can help you pinpoint their specific models.

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