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What happens when you block someone on Facebook? 15 talking points

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The world has seen unparalleled technological advancements over the past decade, and that has led to the intersection of the virtual life — social networks — with the real one. As a result, when we fight with someone, we not only stop talking to them in real life, but we also take some online actions. Folks using Facebook will either unfriend or block the person. Unfriending someone will only remove them from your list. On the other hand, blocking is something more significant than that.

Want to know what exactly happens when you block someone? Have doubts regarding blocking? In this article, we talk about what happens when you block someone on Facebook.

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Posts, Likes, Comments and more

When you block someone on Facebook, your old likes, comments, among other areas where you communicated on the social network are hidden from their view. Not only on the timeline but anywhere else. Likewise, their likes and comments also vanish from your feed.

All these things will completely disappear from your point of view but will be available for others to see. Blocking hides your and the blocked person’s profile from each other. You cant access their profile nor can they access yours. Hence, neither of you can create a post on each other’s timelines, and the same goes with likes and comments.

Can the blocked person search your profile?

No. If the blocked person tries to search your profile, they won’t get the results and the same goes for you; even you won’t find the blocked person’s profile. However, if the name of the blocked person is listed somewhere, you won’t be able to see the profile when you click on it; either their name won’t register clicks or will lead you to a blank page.

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Can you access the profile through Google Search?

You can access Facebook profiles through Google until and unless you have changed the privacy and hid your profile from Google search. The blocked person can see your profile through Google search only when they are logged out otherwise if they are logged in the blocked person won’t be able to see your profile including whatever information is publicly shared on your profile.

What happens to the posts or photos shared by mutual friends?

The blocked person and you can post comments on your mutual friends, but you won’t be able to see each other’s comment. This is because Facebook hides your profiles after blocking.

When any of your mutual friends posts a photo of you or the blocked person with or without tagging, both of you can see the post since the post belongs to the mutual friend.

In case your mutual friend shares posts or photos from your wall to their wall, the blocked person won’t be able to see the content.

Are tags visible?

Neither you nor the blocked person can tag each other. If any of your mutual friends’ tag’s either of you, the other person won’t be able to see the tag of that person or their name.

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What about stories?

If you have blocked someone, they won’t be able to see your stories on Facebook or Messenger, even if you might not have blocked them on Messenger. The same goes for you too.

What about common groups?

You will remain part of the common groups, but neither you nor the blocked person can add new people to a new group. The strange thing when it comes to common groups is that the blocked person can see whatever you have posted or commented on the group, but you cannot do so. The blocked person’s things are hidden.

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Can you call and message on Facebook Messenger?

No. You cant call or message the person you have blocked on Facebook via the Messenger app. You lose the power to communicate on Messenger in private chats, though you can still talk on the group chat.

When you are trying to join a group chat where the person you have blocked is a member, the Messenger will notify you about the same.

However, when you block someone on Messenger, you cannot chat or call each other on messenger but can still see each others’ Facebook profile.

What about old messages on Messenger?

If you block someone on Facebook, it doesn’t mean the old messages will automatically vanish. You won’t be able to interact further, but you can communicate on groups as mentioned above.

Is blocking permanent?

No. You can unblock the person whenever you want.

Any exceptions?

You might be able to see the person you have blocked on games and other third-party apps because the Facebook block doesn’t apply there. Also read: How to get verified on Spotify?

Are people notified when you block them?

No, Facebook doesn’t notify people when you block them.

Does blocking mean unfriending?

Yes, blocking people on Facebook means that they won’t appear on your friend’s list anymore.

Can you block without unfriending?

It is not possible unless you block them on Messenger only. That way, you can still be friends on Facebook but can’t communicate via Messenger.

What happens when you unblock?

When you unblock someone, you will be able to see their new comments, likes, tags, and other things. The old comments, likes, tags, and other things that were previously hidden will also be visible. Since you blocked them, after unblocking, you would have to send friend request again to become Facebook friends.

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