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What is an RSS feed? How does it work?

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RSS is an acronym of Really Simple Syndication. It refers to XML files that are easily read by a computer. These files automatically update information, which is extracted by the user’s RSS feed reader that converts the data into the latest updates from websites.

RSS supplies you necessary metadata that includes headlines, summaries, update notices, and links back to articles of your favourite websites. This content is distributed in real-time so that the latest content published from a website you follow shows up at the top of the results. There is nothing to be confused about because there isn’t much difference between RSS and the standard web sites — it’s just a convenient way to notify you about updates from a website.

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Why is it used?

One of the most crucial use cases of RSS is that it allows you to create a customised stream of content and information that you would like to consume on topics that interest you the most from websites you want.

RSS feed data is manifested to users with the help of software known as news or information aggregator. This aggregator can be availed on a website, desktop computer or a mobile device. Hence, to put it simply RSS is a way to subscribe to a source of information, such as a website, and to send brief updates to you.What is RSS? How to create and follow an RSS feed? Reading RSS feeds is a great time saver for all the folks out there. To obtain the information, it takes a lot of time to read the entire web page, but with an RSS reader on your laptop or smartphone, you can review headlines that are collected from dozens of sites in a single place.

How does RSS work?

RSS requires website admins to maintain a record of notifications on their website (in XML format) conventionally. That record of notifications is what is called an RSS feed. Fundamental information is provided by RSS when notifying subscribers of a feed.

Each of the items generally comprises of the title which describes the item alongwith a further complete description as well as a link to a web page with the complete information summarised.

In some websites, RSS feeds are found with a ‘Syndicate This’ link or only RSS or the signal icon. RSS feeds notification is provided to readers on the arrival of new products in a store, weather and other alerts of changing conditions, notification of additions of new items to a database, or new members to a group, among other uses.

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