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What is Fast Startup and how to disable it?

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First introduced in Windows 8, Fast Startup is an inbuilt Windows feature that, you guessed it, helps your PC boot up quickly. It essentially stores a small data file of where your system was when you shut it down and resumes it from there. Now if that sounds similar to the hibernation feature, that’s because it is. However, there’s one significant difference.

When you use Fast Startup, your computer might seem to be completely turned off, but it is somewhat in a state between turned off and hibernation. A hibernation type file is made to save the current working state, but it’s smaller than the one created when hibernating. Why so?

When you hibernate, your current session is saved along with the OS status. When using fast startup, you’re logged out before the save file is created, meaning that your session isn’t recorded. The fast boot comes from Windows saving the kernel on the HDD and then loading it when booting.

This can impact your boot times and can have your PC up and running in a jiffy. So if it is all good, why would you want to disable it?

Well, you usually wouldn’t need to. But in case you’re planning on running a dual boot system with Linux or even a Virtual Machine, you’re going to run into issues. Also, if you’re using Wake-on-LAN, you might run into problems with Fast Startup turned on.

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How to disable Fast Startup?

So if Fast Startup has been causing problems for you, here’s how to disable it.

Step 1: Right-click the Start Button and select Settings. Alternatively, you can press Windows Key + I.

What is Fast Startup and how to disable or enable it?

Step 2: Search for Power & Sleep Settings.

Step 3: Click on Additional Power Settings.

Step 4: Click on Choose what the power button does.

Step 5: Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Step 6: Disable/Enable Fast startup.

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