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What is Hodlbot, what does it do and do you need it?

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One of the most difficult things while dealing with cryptocurrency is maintaining a portfolio and keeping track of ups and downs in the market rates. Hodlbot is a platform that allows us to set up indexes. Indexes can be chosen from the wide variety of presets provided, or custom indexes can also be created as per a user’s needs.

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency which works on the concept of Blockchain. Without going into details about blockchain and cryptocurrency, let us start with the introduction to Hodlbot.

What Does it do?

Hodlbot monitors the crypto coins daily and tells us how often we should rebalance the portfolio. As a user, we set a benchmark for rebalancing (index), and once a coin hits that benchmark, the software determines the coin’s value and its index.

After determining the value, the software applies a mathematical equation against that coin to evaluate its performance and then reallocates the position of each coin in the performance list so that our portfolio’s performance gets maximised.

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In other words, it keeps track of all the changes, evaluates the performance of the coins and once a month, sells the coins which do not remain a part of the list of top 20 performers any more. Hodlbot buys the coins that perform well and remain a part of the top 20 performers from the money, which comes by selling the other coins.

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Do You Need it?

It entirely depends on the individual. If it’s not feasible for an individual to evaluate and keep track of the performance of each coin daily, then Hodlbot will prove to a useful resource.

Also, Hodlbot provides free services for accounts that have less than $500 balance and charges a nominal fee of $10 per month with a 14 day free trial for accounts having a net balance of more than $500. It would be an intelligent move to try out software which is accurate, reliable and has generated good results in the past.

Further, Hodlbot uses artificial intelligence, which means that we can expect a human-like brain to work on our account with machine-like precision. Hodlbot is a trusted tool that guarantees the security of user account and helps grow user portfolio like the world’s most sophisticated investors.

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