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What is Screen Tearing? 5 ways to fix it?

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Screen tearing is one of the most dreaded video distortions in the gaming community, which akes the fun out of the whole gaming experience. Screen tearing, as the name suggests, creates lines in your game. The gamer feels like the game has been torn from places, and this is never a good thing.

There are two reasons for screen tearing. The refresh rate of the monitor and the Frames Per Second (FPS) of the GPU or video card are out of sync. If the FPS of the GPU is higher than the refresh rate of the monitor, additional frame information crashes in the display causing the issue.

On the other hand, if the refresh rate is higher. Then the same frame information is redrawn from memory, causing the tearing again.

5 ways to fix screen tearing

Some of the ways by which you can fix screen tearing are as follows.

  • Reducing the resolution of the game: Nobody likes to play games at a lower resolution. But this will help you with screen tearing. When you reduce the resolution, the GPU has to do lesser computations — increasing FPS and matching it to higher refresh rates
  • Enable Triple Buffering: Triple buffering creates a buffer in the GPUs’ memory. This buffer is used to store additional frames. If the FPS of the GPU is higher, this method can be used to fix screen tearing.
  • Turn on Vsync: Vsync is a technology that is specially created to handle screen tearing. It synchronises both the refresh rates and the FPS.
  • Turn on Freesync and G-sync: Both of these technologies are upgraded versions of Vsync. Freesync is proprietory to AMD and G-sync is by Nvidia. These technologies are state of the art and will fix screen tearing.
  • Upgrade your GPU: If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above but screen tearing is still an issue. Then you should consider upgrading your GPU.

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