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What is UberX? How is it different?

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Uber is arguably the most popular cab-hailing service on the planet having introduced the world to the concept in 2011. Since then, Uber has added numerous other features and different ride types ranging from budget options to even helicopters for its customers. 

That said, having so many options can leave a new user confused. In this article, we’re talking about UberX, what it does, how much it costs and everything else you need to know. 

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UberX explained

UberX is simply the most affordable solo ride option on the app. Note that while you might get lower fares when riding in Uberpool, the app’s ride-sharing option, UberX gives you an entire car to yourself and your fellow passengers. 

  • When selecting the option, you get paired with the nearest driver with a standard four-door sedan which can accommodate up to four passengers, including yourself.
  • It’s one of the most commonly used options on the app as it’s generally available just about everywhere and is the cheapest in terms of fares. 
  • Unlike Uberpool, it’s also available to schedule at a later time.
  • Compared to other ride options that Uber offers, UberX isn’t anything special and only includes the very basic amenities.
  • You get every other feature on the software side, including cab tracking and any safety features you would have if you’d booked a higher-tier option. 

Keep in mind that this is different from Uber Comfort, another budget option on the Uber app. As mentioned before, you get a standard four-door sedan with UberX while Uber Comfort is generally meant for larger cabs with more seating capacity, such as SUVs, in case you have more luggage or are riding with a larger number of people (generally five to six passengers).

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