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WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock to password-protect conversations

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WhatsApp introduced a new feature called ‘Chat Lock’ on Monday, which allows users to move chats to a password or biometric-protected folder.

The new feature will let users pick up any conversation thread, be it a group or one-to-one, from their WhatsApp inbox and place it in the ‘Locked chats’ folder. This folder will be accessible only via the device password or biometrics like a fingerprint.

Even the content of the locked chats will not be displayed on notification pop-ups on your screen. Hence, no message preview in case a private message arrives when your phone is not with you.

According to WhatsApp, the feature will profit people who have to share their devices with a family member or a friend who could read their sensitive or private chats.

To avoid mishaps and inadvertent eyes scrolling through your private messages or sharing them without your consent, you can use the ‘Chat Lock’ feature to lock your private chat threads.

You can lock any chat by tapping once on their name and selecting the lock option or ‘Chat Lock’. Then enable the locking option and your chat is now password protected. To reveal the locked folder, you can slowly pull down your inbox conversations and the ‘Locked chats’ folder will appear above the ‘Archived’ folder.

WhatsApp will begin rolling out this feature now but will also be adding additional tweaks to this feature in the coming months. More options for Chat Lock will be added which will include creating a custom password for your chats which will be separate from your device password. It will also involve locking for companion devices.

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