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WhatsApp introduces one-minute voice notes for status updates

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WhatsApp has introduced a feature enabling users to record and share one-minute-long voice notes in their status updates on iOS and Android.

In previous beta updates, WhatsApp increased the duration of videos in status updates to one minute, moving away from the former 30-second limit. This change was implemented with the WhatsApp beta for iOS and WhatsApp for Android updates, enabling users to share more comprehensive video updates with their contacts.

Expanding on these updates, the platform is now extending the one-minute limited to voice notes within status updates. These updates will be rolled out gradually, and users will have to update the app from the respective app stores, as WABetaInfo reported.

The extended voice note feature eliminates the need for users to divide their messages into shorter segments, allowing for more seamless and uninterrupted audio communication. This enhancement makes it easier for users to convey their thoughts and updates clearly in a single voice note, thus improving the overall user experience.

Source: WABetaInfo

The feature has been in development for quite some time. Initial reports go back to July 2022, with the beta testing starting in January 2023 with the beta update for Android, reports Android Police. After the beta testing, a 30-second-long voice status update feature was introduced in February 2024 and has now expanded to one minute.

Last week, WhatsApp tested chat filtering, revamped UI, passkeys and other security features. On May 17, it was reported that WhatsApp was beta testing the lock chat feature for linked devices.

Furthermore, the platform is actively working on a temporary account restriction feature to counter spam. In April, WhatsApp rolled out a passkey for iOS to enhance the login process.

WhatsApp chats were found to be vulnerable despite encryption and can be used by governments and other high-profile entities to draw inferences about communication patterns. This is quite ironic as WhatsApp has threatened to quit India if any attempts are made to force the platform to break encryption.

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