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WhatsApp introduces picture-in-picture for iOS

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WhatsApp has rolled out the picture-in-picture feature for video calls on iOS devices, making it easier to multitask while using Whatsapp. The much-anticipated feature has been in beta testing since December 2022.

WhatsApp’s new addition to iOS, the picture-in-picture mode, will be available to all iOS users with the latest update on the App Store. This mode will help iOS users to open other apps, and the video call screen will shrink to accompany you at any corner of whichever app is opened. With a high focus on security, the PiP feature, already available for Android users, took time to adapt according to Apple’s security guidelines.

The 23.3.77 version update includes adding a caption when you are sending a document, support for longer group subjects, and descriptions to help categorise your group. You can also send up to 100 photos and videos simultaneously, which was capped at 30 photos or videos in the previous versions.

The new picture-in-picture mode has been compared to Apple’s FaceTime. If you cannot view these features even after updating your app, you should wait for a few days or weeks for WhatsApp to complete the global roll-out of all the features in this app version.

WhatsApp also adds personalised avatars that can be used as stickers and on profile photos, as is already available on Instagram.

How to create personalised avatars on Whatsapp?

You can create your personalised avatar by following the steps below after opening your WhatsApp:

  • Tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select Settings from the given options.
  • Tap on the Avatar option, allowing you to create, edit, and personalise your avatar’s appearance.

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