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Which pet was carried the most in Free Fire?

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The Free Fire anniversary quiz, which started on August 20, required players to answer a series of questions every day to get several different items. The items included multiple milestone awards, including a parachute and an exclusive pin.

Even if the players got an answer wrong, they could get extra chances by completing daily missions. The daily quiz for August 23 featured a question asking which pet was carried the most in-game. In this article, we’re answering that very question.

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Free Fire’s most carried pet

Free Fire has a lot of different pets that players can unlock and carry with themselves into battle. Each pet has a special ability that the player can use to gain an advantage over their enemies and win the game.

The daily quiz questions were in a multiple-choice format and gave players four options for any given query. For the most carried pet, players had the following four choices.

  • Falco
  • Ottero
  • Mr. Waggor
  • Panda

The correct answer here is Mr Waggor. If the players answered the question correctly and the previous three questions, this would get them a crimson neon parachute. 

Mr Waggor during his award announcement. | Source: Free Fire India Official

Mr Waggor was a popular choice for a pet in the game due to its ability called Smooth Gloo. The pet provided players with a gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds in the first level, provided the player didn’t already have one. 

As the skill level increases, the wait time for the grenade decreases as well. Mr Waggor can produce up to two gloo wall grenades at the highest skill level every 80 seconds. 

The pet was announced the most popular in Gareena’s Free Fire Season 2 Update 4 video posted on their official YouTube channel

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