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Who is the king of Free Fire in the world?

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Battle games have always seized to amass more popularity than any other genre games. And when we talk about the most popular mobile battle games today, Free Fire can never go overlooked.

With over a billion downloads combined on Android and iOS devices, Free Fire has taken Esports to a whole new level. Free fire has it all covered, from portraying how modern survival looks like in a state of chaos to powerful guilds fighting each other to control the arena.

Likewise, with more players joining the ranks, it has become a buzzing topic of conversation about who the King of Free Fire is both in the world and in India. In this article, we will take a look at the profiles of those players who are revered as the best of the best free fire players in the current period.

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The King of Free Fire in the World

O P Vincenzo is a well-recognized name in the Free Fire community. Hailing from Eygpt, this fantastic player has become ideal for many Free Fire players because of his unmatched tactical gameplay.

Who is the king of Free Fire in the world?

Vincenzo is currently at level 76 in the game, has three BR ranked heroic emblems, and has been an active content creator on youtube since 2018. His videos are a massive help to the gamers who are struggling at a particular level and are unable to move forward.

Battle Royal lifetime stats

OP Vincenzo has featured in 23187 squad matches and secured 3794 Booyahs. He claimed 85190 kills in the process for a K/D ratio of 4.39. His most amazing score count is of headshots currently at 30430 along with 34 frags in a single match. He has also managed to reach the top 3 mark around 5887 times.

OP Vincenzo has played 1751 duo matches and has emerged victorious in 305 of them, with a win rate of 17.41%. He bagged 5169 frags at a K/D ratio of 3.57 in this mode. Among these kills, he bagged a total of 1033 headshots and 22 roadkills. With an AVG survival time of 07’58”.

In a solo gaming format, he has played a total of 1180 matches and has claimed 108 wins, making his win rate 9.15%. With 2972 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 2.73 in this mode.

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Clash Squad stats

In 4v4 clash squad games, OP Vincenzo appeared in 4108 matches and was victorious in 2351, a 57.23% win rate. His lifetime kills in clash royal is at 40195. He claimed 5383 double kills, 2458 triple kills, and 2567 quadra kills among these frags.

Youtube Income

OP Vincenzo started his YouTube journey back in December 2018. Since then, he has posted 452 videos on his official channel. Today he has a subscriber base of 6.81M, and 40k of them came in the last 30 days.

According to Social Blade, Vincenzo’s monthly YouTube income is estimated to be between $1.1K to $17.8K. Meanwhile, his yearly income ranges from $13.4K to $213.8K.

King of Free Fire in India

Sheikh Sabir alias SK Sabir Boss is one of the most popular Free Fire Indian origin players. The 26-year-old player currently is on level 87 in the game and has 99999 likes on his profile. SK Sabir Boss also has five heroic ranked emblems, each in BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked.

Battle Royal lifetime stats

His lifetime stats have featured in 35091 squad games and won 11172 of them, making a win rate of 31.8%. He has claimed 123131 kills in squad games, out of which 20373 were headshots.

In Duo format, he has played 3192 matches and won 634, resulting in a win ratio of 19.8% with a total of 8747 frags, of which 59 were Road Kills. Furthermore, he has a whopping 23 single match kills.

Finally, looking at the solo mode, he has featured in 1750 solo matches and was the last man standing on 151 occasions. In solo games, he has a total of 3608 kills in a process for the K/D ratio of 2.26.

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Clash Squad stats

In Clash royal format SK Sabir has only played 1777 games, out of which he was victories in 1138, which converted becomes a Win rate of 64.04%. He also has an exceptional kill score of 8011 in this format with a count of 2594 headshots.

Youtube Income

SK Sabir started creating content on YouTube back on Apr 13th 2017. Since then, his channel has grown tremendously. He currently has a subscriber count of over 4.82M and has over 222 million-plus views combined. He has so far uploaded a total of 329 videos on his channel.

According to Social Blade, Vincenzo’s monthly YouTube income is estimated to be between $501 to $8K. Meanwhile, his yearly income ranges from $6K to $96.3K.

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