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Who is the Queen of Free Fire?

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Gerena Free Fire has a large community and is not just limited to men. The game has managed to garner the attention of lots of female players around the globe, and some of them possess pretty good skills.

The game gives a competing platform where players are recognised for their gaming talent and transcending the gender taboo. Free Fire has become a source of bread and butter for many content creators.

Free Fire has become a crucial source of content for YouTubers. And with gameplay hitting the mainstream media lot of skilfully players have gotten famous.

There are various titles given to those streamers by the fans and other streamers. And one such name is “The Queen of Free Fire”.

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The Queen of Free Fire

The title goes to Sooneeta Thapa Magar, who goes by the name of Skittlechan in the game and is currently playing at level 81.

Who is the Queen of Free Fire?

Thapa belongs to the famous Gorkha warrior nation of Nepal. The 25-year-old gamer is also the most followed female Free Fire player and currently has 4.66 million subscribers on Youtube and 5.5 million on Booyah!.

Sooneeta has exceptional knowledge and mastery over the game and definitely can take on the best of the best player of Free Fire. Moreover, her Hindi speaking skills have become cheery on the top with her popularity.

She is also the leader of the guild Team-Lava and has about 53672 likes on her Free Fire profile. Sooneeta likewise collaborated with various streamers and big names like Total Gaming, TSG and more to increase her fanfare.

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Battle Royal Life Time Stats

Sooneeta has played a total of 23231 Squad matches in which she has won 5366 with a kill score of 57092. In Squad games, here winning percentage is 23.09%, with a K/D ratio of 3.20%. She has also managed to reach the top 3 mark around 8404 times. Her Average Survival time is 10’01” with a maximum of 20 kill records in a single match.

In Duo Gaming format Thapa has participated in about 1923 matches and has won 297 of them with a kill score of 3507. She has managed to bag 699 headshots, and 32 road kills in duo games, taking the kill-to-death ratio at 2.16%.

The internet star has also played in 926 solo matches. She has triumphed in 67 of these, roughly translating to a win rate of 7.2%. She has eliminated 1481 enemies with 370 headshot counts, sustaining a K/D ratio of 1.72.

Clash Squad Stats

Sooneta is very famous for her online streaming of Clash Squad games. In this format, she has played 2865 matches with a clear cut victory in 1677 of them. In Clash Squad matches, she has a total of 13380 fangs with a K/D ratio of 1.58.

She has also bag 2221 double kills, 518 triple kills and 96 quadra kills. Thapa also has achieved five CS-ranked Heroic Emblem and currently playing at the diamond rank of Clash Squad Season 11.

Youtube Income

Sooneeta started her youtube channel in 2017, and since then, she has come a long way. Today she has a total of 4.66 subscribers and 377,365,809 views.

According to Social Blade, Sooneeta is estimated to earn in a range of $3.7k to $5.9K monthly. Simultaneously, the yearly approximations are around $44.3k – $708.2K.

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