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Who makes Insignia TV? Are they good?

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Insignia brand is owned by Best Buy and is known for budget televisions. You can buy Insignia TV from any Best Buy store or other online stores such as Amazon.

Although the brand Insignia is owned by Best Buy, the TVs are manufactured by Hisense corporation. Hisense corporation is a Chinese multinational company headquartered in Quingdao, Shangdong Province.

Are Insignia TV good?

Insignia offers a wide range of TV lineups catering to the budgetary requirements of the middle-class segment. Insignia is giving a tough fight to Toshiba, Hisense and other brands in this price range.

The TVs won’t blow your mind but given the price range, you get a fair deal. It is not justified to ask for more in this price range. Also, it would be unfair to compare Insignia TV to some other premium brands like Samsung and Sony.

In 2018, Best Buy signed a deal with Amazon for the use of the Amazon Fire Smart TV operating system in Insignia TVs. This move made it easier for Insignia TVs to be more integrated into the Amazon ecosystem.

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What will you not get in Insignia TV?

As these TVs are in the budget range, several of the high-end features are missing. So, if you are planning to buy this brand, make sure that you will not get many features such as:

  • HDR 10+, 120 Hz and gaming support.
  • Full array local dimming technology.
  • An amazon-centric ecosystem of the brand. If you are not an Amazon subscriber, then it is a slight problem.
  • OLED or Mini OLED panels are usually missing.

Insignia TV has good ratings on Amazon which signifies the build quality of the product. So, if you want a TV for normal day-to-day viewing, you can definitely opt for this brand.

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