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Why won’t my call go through a certain number?

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It can be confusing and annoying when you take out your smartphone, call someone you know well, and realise that your call isn’t working. We’ve all faced this situation, whether it’s an important work call, a conversation with a family member, or a quick chat with a friend. It can be puzzling because you’re left wondering why you can’t reach this person by phone.

In this article, we have discussed why won’t the call go through a certain number and what to do when you can’t call a specific number.

Why won’t the call go through a certain number?

Below are some common factors preventing your call from getting connected to a certain number.

  • Issues with Network Coverage: Sometimes, you can’t connect to a certain number because of problems with your phone’s signal. If you’re in an area where your phone can’t find a strong signal or there’s no signal at all, it will make it tough to call anyone. If you’re dealing with poor reception or no signal, your phone won’t be able to reach the number you’re dialling. You can try moving to a place with a better signal or contact your service provider to help fix this.
  • Blocked or Restricted Numbers: It’s worth considering whether the person you’re trying to call has deliberately stopped your calls. If they’ve put your number on their “do not answer” list or set up rules on their phone to limit calls, your calls won’t work. This can be because of personal choices or privacy settings. If you suspect your number is blocked, you might need to contact them directly to sort it out.
  • Problems with the Recipient’s Device: Sometimes, your call can’t go through because of issues with the other person’s phone. Bugs in the software, compatibility troubles, or parts of their phone not working can stop your calls from connecting. In these situations, it’s a good idea to let the person know about the problem so they can check and possibly fix any issues on their end.
  • Service Provider Rules: Your phone company might have rules that stop you from calling particular numbers. This could be because of billing problems, limitations on the network, or specific rules about certain types of calls. To find out if any restrictions on your account prevent you from calling a particular number, contact your service provider’s customer support.
  • Dialling Mistakes: It’s easy to make a simple mistake when dialling a number. Sometimes, just one wrong digit or using the wrong format can stop your call from going through. To avoid this, always double-check the number you’re calling to ensure it’s correct. Ensure you’ve included the right country code, area code, and other needed prefixes.
  • Temporary Network Crowding: Sometimes, you might have trouble calling a specific number because the network is too busy at that moment. This can happen when many people make calls, especially during busy times. If you run into this problem, it’s usually best to try again later when the network is less crowded.
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What to do when you can’t call a certain number?

If your call is not connecting to a specific number, here is what you should do.

  • Verify the Phone Number: Make sure you’ve got the correct phone number before dialling. Check that you’ve included the right country code, area code, and any necessary prefixes. Entering the wrong digits is a common mistake, so it’s a good idea to give it another look.
  • Check Your Network Signal: Ensure your device has a strong network signal. If you’re in an area with weak or no signal, consider moving to a place with better coverage. Poor reception can stop your calls from working, so finding a spot with better signal strength can help.
  • Confirm Call Restrictions: Determine if the person you’re trying to call has set up any restrictions on their phone. They might have blocked your number or configured their phone to filter out specific calls. If you suspect this might be the issue, try contacting them through other means to discuss it.
  • Restart Your Device: Sometimes, technical hiccups can interfere with your ability to make calls. Restarting your device can often fix temporary problems or software conflicts affecting your ability to call. After the restart, try making the call again to see if the issue persists.
  • Contact Your Service Provider: If the problem continues, it’s a good idea to contact your service provider’s customer support. They can investigate any network-related issues or account restrictions that might prevent you from calling that specific number. They can also provide additional troubleshooting steps or escalate the matter if necessary.
  • Explore Alternative Communication Methods: If you can’t get the call through, consider using alternative ways to contact the person you’re trying to reach. Send a text message, use a messaging app, or try emailing them. These methods can ensure your message reaches its destination even if you’re having trouble with traditional phone calls.
  • Use Third-Party Communication Apps: Various third-party apps offer alternative means of connecting with others. These apps often use data or Wi-Fi networks to facilitate calls and messages. Explore popular apps like WhatsApp, Skype, or Google Voice, which can serve as alternative communication options.
  • Test with Another Phone: If possible, try calling from a different phone or ask a friend to call on your behalf. This can help determine if the issue is with your device, network, or specific to the phone number you’re trying to reach.
  • Wait and Retry: Sometimes, the issue might be temporary, such as network congestion or system maintenance. If you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting steps, it’s a good idea to wait and try making the call again later. Sometimes, patience is the best solution.

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