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WordPress gets its own AI writing assistant

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Wordpress is getting its own AI assistant that can help you write blog posts (or write them on its own). The assistant will integrate directly into the Wordpress content management system and all Jetpack-enabled websites. All of this comes at $10 a month, with the first 20 prompts being free to let users test out the new assistant. 

The assistant, dubbed Jetpack, is made by none other than Automattic, the company behind Wordpress itself and also the main contributor to the open-source Wordpress project. 

The way it works is also quite simple. Users simply have to add an “AI Assistant” block to their articles and enter a prompt in natural language, after which the AI will start generating text based on what the prompt says. For sites that aren’t hosted on Wordpress, users can add the same functionality via the Jetpack plugin. 

Other than generating entire blog posts, the assistant can give you content ideas and even generate tables and structured lists within your blogs. It can also change the tone of the post to make it more informal, humourous or even passionate, check your spelling and grammar, and create summaries for the post complete with title suggestions. 

This also works the other way around, with the AI being able to generate headlines and titles based on what you’ve written in the blog post. Last but not least, the assistant will also help you translate your posts into as many as 12 different languages, including Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean and Spanish. 

Automattic claims that the assistant will be ‘free’ for a limited period of time for all customers. The AI assistant block will let users send 20 requests for free before requiring $10 per month to access the assistant’s features. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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