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Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

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Developed by 111 dots Studio, Garena Free fire, commonly known as Free Fire, is a battle royal game for Android and iOS. And is one of the highest-ranking multiplayer shooting games of today. There are two modes in the game: Battle Royale and Clash Squad.

The game has a simpler and minimal detailed graphical design, making it suitable for running the game smoothly even with a poor internet connection. Even low-end smartphones that can not run heavy games can easily access Free Fire.

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World’s fastest player in Free Fire

It does not matter who has the biggest weapon in hand; it simply comes down to who was the first to locate the target and press the trigger.

Free Fire is an epic survival game where players are put against each other, and survival is only possible if you kill others before they do. Players around the globe have been using different strategies to sharpen their skills, and many have succeeded in their venture to speed, but there can only be one on the top.


W Xing is a professional Free Fire player from Indonesia and is famous for his spectacular avatar controlling abilities. His remarkable abilities allow him to kill his opponents without them knowing of his presence subtly. His extraordinary Gloo wall making mastery has made him score more kills and become one of the top-ranking players of Free Fire.

Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

Even with such speed, he can precisely shoot his opponents from a reasonable distance and has a Headshot count of 63.16%. And with his Wrestler and Guerilla battle style, he has managed to bag two Heroic Emblems both in CS-ranked mode and 7952 likes on his profile.

Here is an overview of W-Xing’s profile:

Battle Royal Lifetime stats

W-Xing has participated in 5982 Squad games and has won 682 of them with 14073 kills in total. In Squad games, he has an AVG survival time of 06’50” and hold a carrier record of 21 kills in a single Squad match. Also has a K/D ratio of 2.66%, with Average Damage per match of 951.

Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

In Duo format, he has played 3350 matches and won 232, resulting in a win ratio of 6.9% with a total of 6948 frags, of which 95 were Road Kills. Furthermore, he has a whopping 33 single match kills. Being fast is not the only weapon he has in his arsenal; his strategical stirs are exceptional, which is testament to his 2.66 km of distance travelled and AVG survival time of 06’12”.

Shooting games like such are incomplete without solo missions W-Xing also loves to play solo matches; that is why he has partaken in 10545 games and has won 797 and finished 3082 times in the top 10 lineups. In Solo games, W-Xing has a 2.23% kill-to-death ratio with 28 kills in a single match.

Clash Squad stats

Clash Squad is a mode in which just two teams play and are divided into 4v4 format. These teams are pitted against each other for seven matches, and the team that wins four matches first wins the game.

Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

W-Xing has played 10,545 games and has won 797 of them with 21749 kills. He has taken 5953 successful headshots in his Clash Squad career, and 28 single match kills.

India’s fastest player in Free Fire

While it’s difficult to put anyone name at the top, arguably, SK Sabir is India’s fastest player in Free Fire. He, however, is closely rivalled by the likes of Sudip Sarkar, Raistar and TSG Jash when it comes to India’s fastest player in Free Fire.

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