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What does WTD mean?

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Abbreviations and acronyms commonly understood by everybody have become key to conversations online and if you’re looking to keep up with the times, you’re in the right place as here we discuss what one such popular acronym means — WTD.

WTD stands for ‘ What To Do’.

It is used as a question by the sender to ask the other person what they plan to do and if they want to do something together in the near future. It is also used to ask The opinion of the receiver on what can be done in that time.

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How to use WTD?

WTD can be used to ask the other person’s opinion on a situation. The sender would want to ask the receiver about what to do in that particular situation when they are indecisive and cannot form a stand or decision about that particular situation.

Person 1I forgot to bring my notebook today. WTD?
Person 2You should tell the professor the truth

WTD can also be used to formulate plans about that particular day or another day on which the activity has been predetermined by both parties.

Person 1I’m free tomorrow . WTD?
Person 2Wanna watch a movie?

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Other meanings of WTD

WTD is a popular acronym that carries multiple meanings. Some of the popular meanings are as follows.

  • WTD (What The Duck): It is used as a subtle version of What The F*** that avoids abusive and vulgar language.
  • WTD (What’s the Deal?): It is used to ask the receiver about the ongoing situation or problem.

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal