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What does WYA mean?

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Several phrases and slangs are firing up over the internet and social media platforms for communicating and updating one another all over the world. Most of these are simple ones that are also used in the everyday language of the people. One such slang that is used to take a person‘s update is WYA.

Here we’ve discussed what WYA means, how you can use it in a conversation and how not to use the acronym.

What does WYA stand for?

WYA stands for , ‘ Where You At’.

It is sent to know the location of the person with whom they intend to communicate. In simple words, it is used to ask a person where they are and what they are looking forward to doing. It is also a conversation starter for many people.

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How to use WYA?

WYA is used to ask a person about the place where they are at that particular moment. The reply to this acronym varies from person to person.

Example 1

Person 1Wya? You didn’t message since morning.
Person 2Left early for office today.

Here in, this situation the response is very short and crisp.

Example 2

Person 1Wya bro? Long time.
Person 2Nothing much had been caught up with college assignments and projects since a month.

Herein, the response is a bit lengthy and detailed compared to the first example.

WYA is a great conversation starter for forming catching up or hanging out plans or even as a normal conversation starter.

Example 3

Person 1WYA since the starting of the week?
Person 2At home studying.

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How not to use WYA?

It is a casual slang that should not be used in a professional or formal setup for asking a person’s location, especially around those who might take an offence or those who hold a superior position professionally.


EmployeeThe meeting will start soon, WYA?
BossExcuse me? I`m on my way.

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