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What does WYO mean?

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The fast-paced world of internet has made conversations even quicker by the array of acronyms and abbreviations that are popularly used and understood by netizens worldwide. These shorter forms of words or phrases make the conversation flow faster. However, if you’re going through an online conversation in comments or threads in forums, and you see acronyms that you don’t understand, we’re here to help you in our series of articles talking about them.

One such internet acronym is WYO. Here we’ve discussed what WYO means, how to use it and alternatives that can be used instead.

What does WYO stand for?

WYO stands for, ‘ What You On’.

It is used to ask a person about their current or near-future plans and the related activity that they are involved in. It can be sent to form plans for hanging out and catching up with the other person.

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How to use WYO?

It is sent to ask the person at the other end their plans and what they are doing.

Example 1

Person 1Long time no see.
Person 2Yeah, WYO?
Person 3Office work.

WYO can also be used to ask the person at the other end that they would like to hang out or catch up and form plans to meet somewhere out.

Example 2

Person 1WYO today?
Person 2Nothing much. College assignments.

Similar slangs like WYO

Several slangs are used just like WYO, with the same meaning and in the same context. Some of them are as follows.

  • How’s it going?
  • What’s up?
  • Wanna catchup?
  • WAYD – What Are You Doing?

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Slangs that sound the same but have a different meaning

There are a number of slangs that resemble WYO but carry a different meaning.

What Are You On?

This slang is used when a person says something weird, funny or insane.


Person 1(cracks a lame joke)
Person 2What are you on? Drugs?

What Are You On About?

This slang is used by a person to ask the receiver to explain to them what they’re talking about more as they can’t understand it in the current form.


Person 1We speak a lot of French words in our everyday language which we are unaware about.
Person 2What are you on about?

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal