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XVO: All you need to know

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There are all sorts of different file formats in the world, courtesy of different software, each with its unique file type. However, while you may be accustomed to seeing the usual ones, some lesser-known file formats can confuse regular users. 

In this article, we’re looking at the XVO file format and going over everything you need to know to deal with these files.

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What is XVO?

The .XVO file extension is used by the ratDVD DVD ripping software and is considered an internal video file. Usually, you’ll find several other file formats like IFO, VSI and XML accompanying the file, all inside an AV_TS folder which is then zipped into a compressed file format that the ratDVD software can read and process. 

XVO files are the actual video files that collectively make up the .RATDVD file. The ratDVD software decompresses the .RATDVD files and then uses the .XVO files inside to burn a DVD. 

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Opening an XVO file

Before we open files, keep in mind that the .ratDVD software won’t open individual .XVO files unless they’re compressed together alongwith the required dependencies in the .RATDVD file format. 

To use XVO files with ratDVD, compress the AV_TS folder containing the XVO and accompanying files and the Version.XML file together in a .ZIP file. You can use software like WinRAR or 7-Zip to do this. Once the archive is ready, change the format to .RATDVD manually, and then you should be able to open the file with ratDVD.

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Converting XVO files

Despite XVO being video files, they can’t be converted on their own since they’re only part of a bigger archive.

To convert them, you’re going to have to create a .RATDVD file, use ratDVD to convert that particular file to DVD format and then you can use any video convertor to change the resulting VOB file to any other common format like MKV, MP4 or ISO. 

If you still can’t open or convert the file, the chances are that you’ve misread the extension, and the file belongs to completely different software and is unrelated to ratDVD. There are a lot of matching file formats like XOF, VXD, OVX and XVCT, among others, that can be mistaken for XVO files but, in reality, are entirely unrelated. 

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