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How to fix ‘YouTube Comments Not Loading’ in Chrome?

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Youtube comments are extremely useful for both creators and consumers alike. They’re a great way for the Youtube audience to give instant feedback to the creators and express their feelings.

For others, you can simply skim through the comment section to decide whether a video is worth your time or not. But what do you do when the comments themselves aren’t loading?

In this article, we’re talking about how to fix your Youtube comments not loading in Chrome. 

Note that on some videos, the comments might have been disabled by either YouTube themselves or the video’s publisher. In that case, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do.

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Clear your browser’s data

The first thing to do when you’re facing issues with your browser so to try and clear out its data to get rid of any corrupt cache files that may be causing issues. Here’s how.

Step 1: Type in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

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Step 2: Select the cache and cookies options and make sure the Time range is set to All time. Click on the Clear now button to clear out all the data. 

Reset Chrome

Another thing that you can try out is to reset your browser altogether to see if that resolves your issue. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Head over to chrome://settings/reset. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

Step 2: Chrome will show you a warning prompt. Click on Reset Settings, and your browser will reset to default settings. 

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Try updating your browser

Another thing that you can try is to see if there are any updates to your browser. More often than not, updates will fix issues with your browser and even make it better. 

Head over to chrome://settings/help and make sure you’re on the latest update. If you’re not, update immediately. You can also refer to this guide to make sure you’ve got the latest Chrome update.

Check proxy settings

Proxy settings can also cause improper page loads and might even restrict content as well.

Head over to chrome://settings/system. Make sure there are no extensions or anything else controlling your proxy settings. The page should look like this.

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Disable ad-blockers

While ad blockers do the brilliant job of keeping random ad pop-ups out of your sight, they can also hinder functionality on certain sites. 

If you’re running any ad-blockers, try disabling them and refresh the page. There’s a good chance the issue might go away. 

Try incognito mode

Another thing to keep in mind when troubleshooting issues with your browser is to try accessing the same page in the incognito mode. 

Press Ctrl + Alt + N to open a new incognito tab and try accessing your video there. 

Incognito mode on the YouTube app

Follow these steps to enable incognito mode on the YouTube phone app.

  • Open the YouTube app and tap on your profile picture in the top-right.
  • Tap on Turn on Incognito to enable incognito mode on the app

Sign in

The first thing that you should look out for in case you can’t see any comments under a Youtube video is that whether you’re signed into Youtube or not. 

While this may or may not work for you, a number of people have reported that comments only show up for them why they’ve signed into Youtube so you might as well try this method.

Try reloading YouTube

If you’re logged in and still not seeing comments on the site, the most obvious thing to first is to just reload the page. Sometimes, caching issues in your browser or network glitches can cause pages to load incompletely. 

Try viewing a different video

Youtube allows creators to disable comments on their videos if they want. In case you can’t see any comments on video it could be possible be because the uploader has disabled comments in the first place. Although Youtube will tell you whether or not a creator disables comments on their video. 

Change comment sorting order

If you can’t see comments but a loading circle instead, try changing the comment order to Top Comments by clicking the Sort by button. This should bring up the video comments. 

Clear app cache and data

Clearing an app’s cache can get rid of any corrupt data files that can cause a bunch of random errors including improper page loads. Follow these steps to clear out your Youtube app’s cache and hopefully resolve the issue.

For Android

  • Tap and hold on the app icon and press the i button.
  • Tap on Storage & Cache.
  • Tap both the Clear data and Clear cache buttons. 

iOS doesn’t really allow you to manually clear out an app’s data but you can give reinstalling the YouTube app a shot.

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