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YouTube adds four new Shopping features for creators

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YouTube has unveiled four new Shopping features, such as Collections, Affiliate Hub, the ability to tag products across multiple videos simultaneously, and integration with Fourthwall to help creators earn more from their videos and cater to the needs of people who watch YouTube for shopping-related queries.

These new features are seen as YouTube’s attempt to counter TikTok, which is looking to tap into the lucrative United States market with its specialised TikTok Shop app.

Shopping Collections: Personalised product lines

One of the standout features announced by YouTube is ‘Shopping Collections,’ a tool designed to enable creators to curate product assortments from their preferred brands or showcase their product lines. This feature allows creators to assemble product selections based on various themes, ranging from everyday makeup essentials to curated fashion ensembles, offering viewers a curated shopping experience directly on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Affiliate Hub: A comprehensive information repository

YouTube introduced ‘Affiliate Hub’ within its app, providing creators with access to a comprehensive repository of information, including the latest list of shopping partners, competitive commission rates, promotional codes, and opportunities to request samples from top brands. The hub allows creators to leverage exclusive promotions and offers, enhancing their ability to create engaging and shoppable content.

Source: YouTube

Ability to tag products across multiple videos at once

Furthermore, YouTube has expanded the capability for creators to tag products across multiple videos simultaneously. Initially, the feature was available to affiliate shopping creators; this feature now extends to all shopping creators, enabling them to monetize older content and maximise their revenue potential across the video library.

Integration with Fourthwall: For easily managing stories

YouTube integrated Fourthwall, a tool helping people open online shops, into its platform, adding to the suite of integrated platforms accessible via YouTube Studio. Users can connect their Fourthwall shop and manage their stories directly within the YouTube ecosystem. The platform already offers integration similar to Shopify and Spreadshop.

“In 2023, people watched over 30 billion hours of shopping-related videos on YouTube, and there was a 25% increase in watch time for videos that help people shop on YouTube,” said Aditya Rajdharni, Director of Product Management, YouTue Shopping.

YouTube has been working to enhance its customers’ shopping experience for some time now. Over the years, YouTube has introduced several new features, such as partnering with Shopify, adding shopping to YouTube Shorts, shopping directly from live streams, and launching shoppable ads.

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