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How to fix YouTube TV error code 3?

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YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service through which you can watch live TV from major popular cable networks and broadcasts, you can enjoy national and local live sports, news and shows the moment they are aired. YouTube TV gives you unlimited DVR cloud storage to record your favourite shows and then you can stream them whenever and wherever you want. It gives six accounts per household.

Just like any other technology and streaming service, YouTube TV users may also face some errors.

In this article, we have discussed what is YouTube error code 3 and six simple and easy ways to fix the issue.

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What causes the YouTube TV error code 3?

The app freezes and closes shortly after receiving the error and here are six possible causes for the YouTube TV error code 3:

  • Problem with the YouTube TV app or device.
  • Poor Internet connection.
  • The app server is not working.
  • TV software is outdated.
  • Background apps are interfering with the YouTube TV app.
  • The device you are is not compatible with the YouTube TV app.

How to fix the YouTube Tv error issue?

Here are six ways to fix the YouTube TV error code 3:

Restart the app and the device

If there is a technical problem with the app or the device you are using to watch YouTube TV then you can simply restart the device and relaunch the app and it will solve the issue.

Check your Internet connectivity

Check your internet connection, as it is possible that the YouTube TV app is not getting a stable connection, which is why it is showing the error.

Check the server status of the YouTube TV

It is possible that the YouTube app is not working because the YouTube TV server is down, so check the server status; you cannot do anything other than waiting patiently for the server to get online.

Update the app

You might be using an outdated version of the YouTube TV app, which can be a reason for the issue, so check for the app’s update.

Close the background apps

It is possible that the background apps that are running on your device might be interfering with the functioning of the YouTube TV app, so you should close all the background apps and relaunch the YouTube TV app.

Use the device compatible with the app

The YouTube TV app is compatible with many devices but it might be possible that you are using the app on a device that is not supported by YouTube TV. Click here to check the compatible devices for YouTube TV.

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