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RTX 4060 vs RTX 3060: Key Difference

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With the introduction of the RTX 4060, gamers and video editors are stacking it against the RTX 3060 to see how it performs and whether one should buy it.

In this article, we will compare the Nvidia RTX 4060 and RTX 3060 on several parameters to get a clear idea about which graphics cards are right for you.

Here are the parameters that we will cover:


RTX 4060 is based on the Ada Lovelace architecture which boasts 3,072 cores that promise about two times more processing power and efficiency than RTX 3060.

The base and boost clocks on RTX 4060 are 1.8 and 2.5 Ghz respectively. Moreover, the 4060 comes with an 8 GB memory and a 128-bit memory bus. In the cores department, RTX 4060 offers 35 third-generation RT cores and 242 fourth-generation Tensor cores. On top of that, the inclusion of technologies like DLSS 3 that include frame generation. Along with that, the graphics card supports a TDP of 115W thus making it quite a popular choice among gamers.

In comparison, RTX 3060 offers 3,584 shaders and 12GB of DDR6 RAM. Furthermore, the graphics card has a bandwidth of 360GB/s and supports a TBP of 170W.

Efficiency and value

As per a test by PCMag, RTX 4060 outperforms RTX 3060 by a small margin. At 1080p, the lead was around 18% while at 1440p, the lead was around 16%.

Other tests also reveal the effective speed 4060 to be 22% more than its predecessor. Also, the 4060 performs better in lighting effects, multi-rendering, and NBody calculation.

Furthermore, in the overclocked score, RTX 4060 outperformed 3060 by about 36% in peak lighting effects, peak reflection handling, peak multi-rendering, and peak NBody calculation.

Regarding value, it depends on the country you are from and the current prices of the graphics card. However, when the RTX 4060 was launched, it was priced at $299, while the RTX 3060 was priced at $329. This price difference makes the 4060 about 10% more value-friendly and cost-effective.

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Technological advancements

RTX 4060 boasts features like Nvidia DLSS 3 technology promising that multiplies the performance of games on your computer. In this technology, deep learning is used to boost the frames.

Using this technology, you can play a game at, let us say, 1080p and get an output of 4K resolution.

RTX 4060 outperforms 3060 in gaming. | Source: Nvidia

Users can expect more realistic and immersive graphics with dedicated ray-tracing cores. RTX 3060 doesn’t have DLSS technology and can affect the gaming experience. Although, this doesn’t mean RTX 3060 is not good for gaming. However, the 4060 does a great job for a more seamless output.

Energy efficiency

RTX 4060 is more energy efficient than RTX 3060. | Source: Nvidia

Nvidia did a great job with the RTX 4060, especially in the energy efficiency department. This graphics card offers a Total Graphics Power (TGP) of 115W, thereby making it a better option with better energy efficiency than its predecessor with a TGP of 170W.

TGP is the maximum amount of power a graphics card demands. Usually, more TGP means a smoother performance. However, this also means more heat generation and a higher power supply.

A lower TGP offers a better performance-per-watt and these graphics cards are generally suitable for laptops.

ParameterRTX 4060RTX 3060
ArchitectureAda LovelaceAmpere
ClocksBase: 1.8 GHz, Boost: 2.5 GHzBase: 1.32 GHz; Boost: 1.78 GHz
Memory8 GB128 GB DDR6 RAM
Memory bus128-bit192-bit
RT cores35 third-gen RT cores28
Tensor cores242 fourth-gen Tensor cores112
TechnologiesDLSS 3, Ray Tracing CoresNo DLSS
TDP (Total Graphics Power)115W170W
Performance18% lead at 1080p, 16% at 1440pLess than 4060
Efficiency22% more effective speedLess efficient than 4060
Overclocking36% better in various aspectsLess efficient than 4060
Price (at launch)$299$329
ValueAbout 10% more cost-effectiveValue will depend on your preference
Gaming PerformanceBetter gaming performanceAlso performs better
Energy EfficiencyTGP of 115W, better efficiencyTGP of 170W, less efficiency

RTX 4060 vs RTX 3060: Which one is best for you?

It all depends on your preference and the work you want on your computer. However, the RTX 4060 is a significant upgrade over the RTX 3060, offering a faster speed, better energy efficiency, and better gaming performance at a competitive price.

That being said, if you already own an RTX 3060, you should not immediately upgrade it, as the RTX 3060 also offers quite an impressive performance. Ultimately, choosing between the two will depend on your workload and budget.

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