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About Us

The internet has enabled consumer technology to transcend from boxes with wires that people saw as a novelty and didn’t care much about to one of the most mainstream pieces of equipment ever produced — making it an essential tool in everyday life. To help users make the most out of their gadgets, we write articles covering  Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, the Internet, Security, Privacy, Websites, Social Media, Applications, IoT, Gadgets, Cryptocurrency, Photography, streaming services, among others.

We aim to be a helpful resource for first-time internet users — be it the younger generation starting their journey online or adults joining the internet at a later stage in their lives.

Candid.Technology is unbiased and fearless in its writing and reportage.

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The Editorial Team

Past Contributors: Kumar Hemant, George TinariAryan, Akshit Kansal, Monika Shukla, Akash Singh, Saara, Nischay Khanna.

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