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Should you use Airalo? How much does it cost?

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Tolkien once said that not all those who wander are lost, and when you have an eSIM, you are bound to stay connected wherever you travel. Especially when travelling abroad, the chances of racking up a hefty mobile roaming bill seem daunting and unavoidable; in this case, having an eSIM on your device makes it drastically easier to manage expenses and retain connectivity with your loved ones.

Airalo became the world’s first and largest eSIM marketplace when it was founded in 2019 by Bahadir Ozdemir and Abraham Burak. With more than 200 countries and regions in its ever-growing portfolio, Airalo provides instant connectivity to all travellers through its eSIM by partnering with local internet and cellular providers.

All one has to do is download Airalo’s app from either the Play Store or the App Store, choose their destination along with the package, install, and then activate the eSIM. No longer will you have to stress about mobile roaming charges or face network issues at your desired destination. Airalo aims to supply you with ample connectivity wherever you decide to travel.

Airalo’s eSIMs organise your travel budget by reducing the time and money expenditure on local SIMs. With instant connectivity at your destination from the moment you land till the moment you take off, Airalo ensures you stay connected to your loved ones. Do you want to travel within one region or go on a world tour? Airalo provides regional and global eSIMs. Regionally, Airalo covers North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Photo: Yuriy Golub /
Photo: Yuriy Golub /

With Airalo’s global eSIMs, you can go for only data or the whole package, including internet, cellular, and messages covering over 130 countries with short-term or long-term plans.

Airalo is designed to address the challenges of excessive roaming charges faced by travellers. By offering access to over 200 eSIMs (digital SIM cards) from across the globe at competitive rates, Airalo has established itself as a trusted solution for over 5 million users worldwide. With a commitment to affordability and transparency, Airalo ensures that travellers remain connected wherever they go without the burden of hidden fees.

How much do Airalo eSIMs cost?

Airalo offers a variety of eSIM options — local (for a single country), regional (for several countries on the same continent) or global (supports 130+ countires) that you can typically change on the go without having to visit a store or talk to a customer service exectutive to get it activated.

Airalo’s eSIM plans typically cost around US$5 for a week-long pack, that includes 1GB of data to $35 monthly packs with about 10GB of data.

The prices are typically similar across countries.

The regional sims are slightly costlier (a few dollars usually) and offer varying validity data plans. These work in multiple countries. For example, the screenshot below shows North American eSIM plans that work in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

While global plans are also economical, they’re more suited to you if you keep travelling, as the connectivity will likely be better on local or regional plans.

If you’re looking for Call + SMS + Data plans, they’re available for a slightly higher price with the global eSIM Airalo plans.

How Airalo Works?

The process of using Airalo’s eSIM service is straightforward and user-friendly:

  • Download the App: Download the Airalo app on your compatible device.
  • Choose Your Destination and Package: Browse the available eSIM packages based on your travel destination.
  • Install Your eSIM: Once purchased, you can easily install the eSIM on your device.
  • Activate Your eSIM: With the eSIM installed, activate it to use the data services.

Types of eSIMs Offered by Airalo

Airalo offers a diverse range of eSIMs tailored to meet the varied needs of travellers:

  • Local eSIMs: These are designed for travellers visiting a single country. Local eSIMs provide data services specific to that country, ensuring optimal connectivity. These are mostly available on weekly or monthly plans.
  • Regional eSIMs: For those travelling across multiple countries within a specific region, regional eSIMs are ideal. They offer broader coverage within a designated area, such as Europe or Southeast Asia.
  • Global eSIMs: Designed for the global traveller, these eSIMs provide data services across multiple countries and continents, ensuring connectivity no matter where you are. You can access telecom services across 130 major countries worldwide, including the USA, UK and India, using a global SIM, whose annual data plan only costs $69.

Why Should You Choose Airalo eSIM Over Competitors?

  • Instant Connectivity: With Airalo, you can purchase and activate your eSIM from anywhere worldwide, ensuring you’re always connected.
  • Global Coverage: Airalo’s extensive network spans over 200 countries and regions, making it one of the most comprehensive eSIM providers in the market.
  • Affordable and Transparent: Airalo stands out for its commitment to transparency. There are no hidden charges, and all services are prepaid, ensuring users know exactly what they’re paying for.
  • 24/7/365 Support: Airalo’s dedicated support team is available around the clock, across all time zones, ensuring that users receive timely assistance whenever needed.
  • Customer Testimonials: The positive feedback from millions of satisfied customers speaks volumes about Airalo’s services. Users have praised the platform’s ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and reliable connectivity. Whether it’s a traveller swiping through apps in a remote location or a globetrotter who has visited 45 countries, the consensus is clear: Airalo delivers on its promise.

How Many Countries Does Airalo eSIM Work In?

Airalo boasts global coverage, offering eSIM services in over 200 countries and regions. Some of the popular countries where Airalo eSIMs are available include:

  • United States
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Turkey
  • China
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Australia
  • and many more, totalling over 200 countries.

Earlier this year, Airalo closed its Series B funding round in July, raising $60 million from a clutch of investors. In 2021, they raised $5.4 million in a Series A round, which included investors like Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia Capital, India’s Surge, Antler, Singtel and Innov8.

In conclusion, Airalo’s eSIM service revolutionises how travellers stay connected abroad. Airalo has positioned itself as a leader in the eSIM market by offering a seamless, affordable, and reliable solution. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or planning a one-time trip, Airalo’s eSIM service is worth considering for a hassle-free connectivity experience.

This article was created in collaboration with Airalo

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