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Amazon adds Hindi language in beta: Plans to reach a wider audience in India

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Amazon adds Hindi language in beta: Plans to reach a wider audience in India

Amazon first stepped into the Indian market with in 2012, which was soon followed by their shopping website ( in 2013, has now added the Hindi language to its e-commerce website and app.

Since it came into India, Amazon was available in English, even though only about one-tenth of the population speaks the language.

Since the advent of smartphones, the internet penetration in the country has been rising at an accelerating state year-on-year and received a major boom after Reliance Jio hit the market with its free internet campaign.

Although Hindi isn’t the primary language of a majority of Indian citizens, it’s one of the most widely spoken and understood languages in the country — spoken primarily in Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana.

Amazon has finally entered the Hindi-market by giving an option to view the contents of its website or mobile app in Hindi.

Amazon adds Hindi language in beta: Plans to reach a wider audience in India

Doing this, the company might be looking to increase their trustworthiness and accessibility to Hindi speakers. While the menu of the app, including the settings, comes in Hindi, most of the product names are displayed in English.

Jio acted as a disruptor in the Indian telecom industry and changed the way how Indians consumed internet. They made such a deep impact that changed the data plans industrywide within a few months.

The costs of buying data went incredibly low and the volume of data being consumed now is at an all-time high — growing each day.

Coupled with cheaper and easily accessible smartphones, the internet penetration in the country increased, especially in rural areas.

In a bid to capitalise the growing number of users who would prefer the app in their local language, Amazon seems to be moving in the right direction by adding the Hindi language in beta to the app and website.

The Amazon app and website are still being tested in Hindi as its in the beta stage — you might encounter a few bugs or glitches. The company also mentions that the ‘English version’ of their app or website is the ‘definitive version’.

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