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How to fix APIconnectionerror: Error communicating with OpenAI? 

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ChatGPT is OpenAI’s viral AI-powered chatbot that’s become quite popular since its launch in November 2022. To further support the bot’s development, OpenAI has made an API available for developers to incorporate the bot into their apps. 

However, just like with every other API and library, there can be bugs and errors that can come up at any time. In this article, we’re talking about the “APIconnectionerror: Error communicating with OpenAI” issue, its causes and what you can do to fix the problem.

What causes this error?

There are a number of reasons why you might see a problem like this when using any API, let alone OpenAI. Popular reasons include:

  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • Incorrect API credentials.
  • SSL verification isn’t working.
  • Incorrect configurations. 

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How to fix this?

Here are six fixes you can try out. 

Check the credentials

The first thing you should do is check to see if the credentials you’re using are correct. Make sure the case matches the one you used when creating them. If you’re using these in a command line argument, check the documentation to see if you need to write any flags or any other specific formatting that’s required for the command to parse these properly. 

Check internet connection

This is a good time to check whether or not you have an active internet connection. If you’re on WiFi, make sure you’ve got an active link and that there are no signal issues. On cellular data, ensure that it’s enabled and that you’re getting good network coverage. Restarting your router can help get rid of a bunch of seemingly random internet and connectivity issues that may be hindering your connection to OpenAI’s servers. 

Disable VPN

Another possible cause for the issue could be that you’re using a VPN. OpenAI services are geo-restricted due to local government policies in some countries, and using a VPN can cause problems with their functionality and content availability causing the error.

Check OpenAI’s server

Another thing you should do is check to see if OpenAI’s servers are online. As mentioned before, server overcrowding can often lead to errors like this. You can head over to OpenAI’s server status page or use a third-party site like Downdetector

If you see a problem with the API, you’re going to have to wait until it’s back online again before use. 

Update your libraries

Sometimes outdated supporting libraries such as conda or certifi can also cause this issue. If the error started showing up after you added or installed any libraries, check to make sure they’re properly installed and that they aren’t interfering with the authentication process. Updating them to the latest version isn’t a bad idea either.

Alternatively, uninstall the library and try connecting again to see if your app still works. If it does, chances are that the error was in the library you downloaded and a reinstall should fix the issue. 

Disable SSL verification

While we don’t recommend doing so, disabling SSL verification can sometimes let you connect to OpenAI servers over a limited connection, although it does so in an unprotected way. You can disable SSL by changing the verify_ssl flag as follows.


Once SSL is disabled, try using the API again and your connection requests should go by just fine. 

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