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Asus introduces first routers with NordVPN integration

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NordVPN has partnered with Asus, a global technology manufacturer, to introduce the first routers with in-built VPN integration, taking a step forward for better cybersecurity and privacy for internet users.

The Asus RT-AX57 Go is the first router in the VPN-integrated router series. Its compact size ensures portability and includes tri-mode connectivity, which makes it ideal for travel, work, and home use. The Asus GT-AX11000 Pro is a router designed for gamers who like to keep multiple devices connected while demanding high-end performance in games.

Both routers have inbuilt AiProtection and NordVPN. The VPN service can be set up by entering subscription credentials on the self-service page.

“Privacy and security are our highest priority no matter where users are and what devices they are using. We want to increase our contribution to building a better internet by enabling our customers to easily set up VPN services on their routers to protect a full network of their devices,” the head of product strategy at NordVPN, Vykintas Maknickas, told Candid.Technology.

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The partnership with Asus allows NordVPN to improve cybersecurity for a wide range of users, from travelling individuals who prefer to use portable networking devices to videogame enthusiasts.

Although the new routers are the first ones to be integrated with NordVPN, the companies plan to continue cooperating to implement VPN Integration throughout every user’s Asus networking device, aiming to enhance online security and privacy with NordVPN services.

Asus Corporate VP, Tenlong Deng, said, “The various VPN configuration options within the device offer a flexible deployment of NordVPN to create a private, secure, fast internet exploration experience.”

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Arun Maity

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