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Bang Bros buys and takes down a doxxing forum with data of over 15,000 adult performers

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Bang Bros, a Miami-based adult entertainment film studio, bought a doxxing forum, PornWikileaks(.com), and removed all of its content, which included personal information of over 15,000 adult industry performers.

The data on the doxxing forum — that had more than 300,000 posts — included phone numbers, addresses and names of the family members too in several cases. According to the statement that has replaced the forum’s homepage, the information was stolen and wasn’t voluntarily submitted by any of the performers.

“For too long, this site has unfortunately been a resource for hate, lies, and sensitive information. Many of us have had our real names online for the world to see. Over 15,000 performers real names were listed here,” the statement reads. “We have purchased this site with the intention of shutting it down and removing all information associated with it. There’s no catch. No hidden thing to getting your personal stuff off of it. We simply didn’t want it out there for the world to see anymore.”

The company literally put all of the acquired data from the forum on fire, as can be seen in the video below or here.

YouTube video

Shutting down one doxxing forum doesn’t do much good as the same kind of information can be found elsewhere on the web too. However, the company’s initiative does set a solid precedent. Bang Bros now owns the domain and has stated that everything posted there has been deleted forever.

“This industry has weathered a lot, and at the end of the day, we rely on each other more than we think. Sure, we all have competitors-BangBros has plenty in itself. But making enemies doesn’t make us a stronger company. Treating others well and innovating does. So our innovation this week, while not groundbreaking, hopes to make the internet a little bit better for all of us involved.”

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