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Top 7 anti-pollution masks you should check out

Over the previous century, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the automobile industry, construction and several others that have led to an increase in the consumption of petroleum, which has not only emitted more carbon in the atmosphere — heating the planet gradually — but also increased pollution levels, especially in urban areas.

More recently, you might have also heard about the Coronavirus that is wreaking havoc in China. The neighbouring countries have issued an advisory regarding this virus. While these masks do not guarantee complete safety, they’re a precautionary measure that you should consider taking to decrease the probability of harming your health. Here is a list of seven anti-pollution masks that you can buy to protect yourself. It includes N95, N99, N100, P95 and P100 masks.

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3M particulate respirator 8210 (N95)

Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe betterThis mask filters 95% of the impurities and thus is useful for activities such as sanding, sweeping, sawing, woodworking, among others. It has a propriety technology that facilitates easy breathing. Moreover, the mask has adjustable nose clips with added cushions to give you a relaxing feel while you are wearing the mask.

The 3M particulate respirator 8210 costs around $12; and $17 including the shipping costs (depending on your area). You can buy the mask here.

Honeywell SAF-T-Fit Plus (N95)Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe better

That mask has N95 certification and is useful for persons working in operations such as sanding, welding, woodwork, soldering, among others. All the N95 certified masks remove about 95% of the impurities and are widely used in the hospitals. The exhalation valve releases the excess heat and thus facilitates more comfortable breathing.

The price of Honeywell SAF-T-Fit Plus is $7.36, excluding shipping costs. You can buy the mask here.

3M 9332 (N99) 

Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe betterThe mask provides 99% protection against the pollutants and is thus very useful for virus protection. It is made up of thermoplastic material and contains an exhalation filter for more natural breathing. It is also fitted with low breathing resistance filter.

The 3M 9332 mask costs around INR 243 in India. You can buy it here.

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SmartAIR pollution mask (N99)

Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe betterThis is an N99 air mask, and as the name suggests, it can remove 99% of the pollutants (non-oil). As per the company, this mask has been proven effective in some of the most polluted cities such as Mumbai and Beijing. You can wear this mask for around two weeks. After that, the mask should be appropriately discarded.

The price of the mask is between INR 499 to 899. You can buy it here.

3M N100 particulate respirator

Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe betterAs this is N100 mask, this mask will remove 99.7% of the non-oil pollutants. The mask is spacious and durable and comes with an adjustable nose clip and head straps. Users can use this mask for a range of operations including mining, welding, petrochemical operations, among others.

As per the company, the respirator can block impurities such as lead, arsenic and cadmium. This mask is also fitted with a cool flow exhalation valve, which is extremely useful if working in a heated environment.

3M N100 particulate respirator costs around INR 2000 in India and $17 in USA. You can buy the mask here.

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3M 8576 particulate respirator (P95)

Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe betterThe mask provides 95% protection against oil as well as non-oil pollutants. This mask is thus highly beneficial for the persons working in greasy environments such as oil refineries, kitchens, gas stations, among others.

The mask is fitted with carbon filters, thereby facilitating the removal of acidic gases. Also, it comes with an exhalation filter, removing the excess heat. Users must note that the respirator is not a face shield and is just there to facilitate breathing. Users should take measures to protect the face.

3M 8576 particulate respirator costs around $65. You can buy it here.

GVS SPR457 Elipse P100

Top 7 anti-pollution masks to help you breathe betterWith low breathing resistance and low-profile filters, the mask facilitates easy breathing without hindrance. It is made from soft thermoplastic elastomer, which is without latex and silicone and is odourless.

The GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 costs around $27; excluding shipping costs. You can buy the mask here.

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