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Top 7 apps to download comic books on Android and iOS

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Some things never get old, and comics are one of them; it does not matter how many times you have read them or heard the story, they will still coax you to give all-nighters. If by any reason you lost touch with your comics and want to relive the best times of your childhood again, embark on the journey alongwith your favourite superhero with seven of the best comic apps.

Marvel Comics 

Developer: Marvel Comics | Size: 7.1MB (Andriod); 65.7MB (iOS) | Price: Free with In-app purchases

Marvel comics are entertaining the world since 1961, With its epic superhero stories and action figures. The platform introduced superheroes like The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, and many more to sizzle the heart of millions. So to reduce your trouble, Marvel has brought all of its collection into one application.

The app has over 13,500 comics with plenty of free ones to get you started. It facilitates an animated panel view alongwith a pinch to zoom feature for a clear and clean reading experience. Also, the comics get updated weekly.

Click here to download Marvel Comics for Android or iOS 

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DC Comics

Developer: DC Entertainment | Size: 9.81MB (Andriod): 98.2MB (iOS) | Price: Free with In-app purchases

Now how can we forget Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the man who flaunts around his money as a superpower, you got me, Batman. The app covers tales of all the DC superheroes we know off and provides integration compatibility with Comixology account for quick access to already downloaded comics on other platforms.

The app also helps in browsing Imprints like vertigo, mad and Jinxworld. The application’s library can easily be managed and listed out within the creator’s name and genres to expedite search with the feasibility to be read in all devices. The unique features like classic full-page view or guided view reading facility will surely enhance your experience.    

Click here to download DC Comics for Android or iOS


Developer: ComiXology | Size: 8.68MB (Android); 73.7MB (iOs) | Price: Free with In-app purchases

It is a one-stop-shop app for comics, with more than a hundred thousand digital magazines covering comics and manga from all major publisher like Marvels, DC, Image, Dark Horse and others. The app further offers dozens of free comics with the syncing feature of already purchased comics from various platforms. 

With this app, you can download your books offline and even on SD card so that you get ample space for all your comics. It comes with notable features like pinch to zoom, guided view alongwith cinematic and immersive options.

Click here to download ComiXology for Android or iOS 

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Developer: MangaToon | Size: 16.37MB (Android); 83,5MB (iOS) | Price: Free with In-app purchases

For all the manga, manhua (Chinese), manhwa (Korean) comic book lovers this is one of the best apps out there. The application supports HD quality comics of all genres like action, comedy, horror, romance and various other with regular updates daily. Manga toon also allows users to download their favourite comics for offline use. 

If you ever had a dream of writing comic stories, you are in the right place. The in-app tool can also help you in publishing the stories you always left hidden on the back of your notebooks.   

Click here to download MangaToon for Android or iOS

Google PlayBook

Developer: Google LLC  | Size: 8.9MB (Andriod); 62.2MB (iOS) | price: Free with In-app purchases

If you are not into downloading third-party applications or don’t have enough space left in your device, the best way is to opt for the built-in app. Google Playbook does not need any introduction as the app houses millions of books in various languages and comes pre-loaded in most of the Android devices. 

Few racks of Google playbook library also belong to comic books. It has top-notch collection raging from the supernatural to the graphic novels and also has a full selection of famous Indian epic comic Chacha Chaudhary. Plus all of your downloads will be saved in your Google account, making it easy to retrieve them anytime in various devices.

Click here to download Google PlayBook for Android or iOS

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Developer: WeComics | Size; 9.1MB (Android); 44.2MB (iOS) | Price: Free with In-app purchases

It is another useful app for manga, manhua and manhwa comic books. With this tool, you can read books without even downloading them and if you choose to download the comic, offline cataloguing of the library is also possible.

The application automatically records the read history so that readers can pick up where they left.

Click here to download WeComics for Android or iOS

MadeFire Comics

Developer: MadeFIre | Size: 14MB (Android); 44.4MB (iOS) | Price: Free with In-app purchases

MadeFire works little differently than others in this list. The app has coupled traditional way of reading the book with a tinge of modern technology by adding sound effects, motion and 360 panoramic views to the comics, making them more appealing to the reader. Madefire covers comic books form almost all the top-tier publishers with plenty of freebies to offer. 

Click here to download MadeFire Comics for Android or iOS

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