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Top 11 fake email generators

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Fake emails can be used for websites that you do not trust. Or, you can also use fake mails for protecting your protecting personal data which is quite in demand these days. If you know anything about online security and privacy, then you know how companies can use the data for profits.

You can use temporary emails for the following reasons:

  • To save your personal data from the advertisers.
  • To make a one-off purchase from any website.
  • To register and verify your account on websites which you are sure will send tons of emails to you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 11 fake email generators that you can use to quickly generate an email without having to bother about privacy. So, let us begin.


This website lets you create a fake email with one click and that too for free. Here, you can also scan the QR code of the email. The interface is clean with only a box which displays the fake email when you open the website.

To change the email, refresh the website, and a new email will be generated. Temp-Mail also has a premium feature by which you can extend the storage time of the email and also enter specific domains.

One downside of the website is that you cannot enter the email of your choice. You will have to suffice with what the site generates.

Click here to go to Temp-Mail

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Want to get a confirmation email quickly? This is the website for you. Here, the email will remain active for 10 minutes. As soon as you click on the site, you can see the fake email and a counter.

After the ten minutes, the email address will automatically expire, leaving your privacy intact. If you need some more time, click on Give me ten more minutes option and you are good to go.

Click here to go to 10MinuteEmail


One great thing about this website is that here you have unlimited forwarding. Alongwith that, you can select from a range of domain names and can choose the period that you want for your email to remain active.

Another point to note is that here you can write your own custom fake email. The website also has a filter system through which you can block the spam mails. However, one downside is that you will need to register with your original email first.

Click here to visit Trashmail

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Mint Email

Here, you can create a custom email that resembles your original email address but with a changed domain address. As soon as you open the website, you will be assigned a fake email at the top right of the screen. Click on Custom Email and then enter the email of your choice.

Click here to go to MintEmail

Fake Email Generator

Want a fake email address with a country-specific domain name? This is the website for you. Here, you can use .uk, .de and .hu domain name which is for the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary respectively.

You can enter the email of your choice here with absolutely no registrations whatsoever. One downside of the website is that it is yet not secure.

Click here to go to Fake Email Generator

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Throw Away Mail

If you want an extended time for your fake emails, this is the website for you. Here, the fake email remains for 48 hours. To use the email, you must enable cookies and JavaScript if disabled.

Click here to go to Throw Away Mail

Email Generator

Here, you can add your domain to the website, which then can be used for a long time. Along with that, you can also generate fake Gmail address aliases. However, you will have to use the alias to sign up on Gmail. One good point to note is that the website has a pop-up notification feature which can come in handy if you are expecting an email.

Furthermore, the fake email will remain valid for 40 days.

Click here to go to Email Generator

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This website generates a random email as well as a password. You can select a time ranging from 10 minutes to two weeks. Along with that, you will get a cool, downloadable avatar alongside the email.

Click here to visit FakeMail

Mail Drop

You will get only one domain name on this website which is However, you can add custom email name which can resemble your current email address. The site also provides suggestions in case you cannot decide the email name.

The service is free and requires no signup. You can go for this website if you don’t have a problem with the domain name.

Click here to visit Mail Drop

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Owly Mail

Like Email Generator, here also you get the notification button. Along with that, the website lets you create as many emails as you want and save your email list on the servers of the website.

One exciting feature of the website is that the fake email that you will create will last forever. Only the emails that you get on this address will be deleted after two days. Also, the website supports nine languages, including Hindi, German, Arabic, Chinese and others.

Click here to visit Owly Mail


This website has a clean and straightforward UI which is a plus point. On the downside, you cannot create a custom email address and domain name. However, the website has a QR code feature which comes in handy if you want to share the email address quickly.

The email will expire after one hour, so use it fast.

Click here to access Tempail

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