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Top 7 sports streaming websites and apps

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Gone are the days when you had to watch your favourite sports on the television as, among scores of other things, the internet also brought live sports streaming in the hands of people, which could be enjoyed on-the-go anywhere and everywhere, as long as you’re blessed with a stable internet connection

Many websites offer streaming services for a cost as well as free. One plus point of online streaming is that you can watch it anywhere and on any device whatsoever and remain updated about the game. Also, many websites also provide live discussion platforms to unleash your sports knowledge.

In this article, we have compiled a list of seven such websites where you can watch sports.


ESPN is a top name in the world of sports. If you are an avid sports lover but do not find the time to sit and watch the sport at home, you can check out this website. Here, you can watch live streamings as well as highlights of matches.

However, all good things come at a price. For live and uninterrupted services, you will have to buy the premium plans of ESPN, which offer you a wide range of sports activity to immerse yourself. From time to time, ESPN also streams a few freebies that anyone can watch.

As ESPN has to buy streaming rights like most channels, you won’t find everything here, but major sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball (NBA), F1, Tennis, Hocket, among several others are available.  One point that you should note is that most features of the are only available only in USA and you will have to use a VPN to access ESPN from other countries.

You can access ESPN here and alternatively over here (Sony Six for India). You can also download the ESPN app for Android here and iOS here.

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Laola1 is an Austrian sports streaming company and is not geo-blocked like ESPN. This means that you can watch your favourite sport from anywhere.

Also, there are several discussion forums where you can enhance your sports knowledge and meet people from all over the world.

However, on the downside, you will get to watch only a few sports such as Football, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball and Motorsports. If you love any of these sports, this is the website for you. Furthermore, you can watch behind the scenes, but this service is on-demand and would require you to pay.

You can watch Laola1 here.

SonyLiv Sports

This is one more sports-focused website where you can watch a variety of different sports, including live matches and highlights. One of the pros of this website is that you will get an ad-free experience, which is much appreciated, given the incessant amount of ads most free streaming services throw at the viewers. Moreover, you will get clean and clutter-free website experience.

You can watch sports like Tennis, Cricket, Football, WWE and Racing, among others.

To access SonyLiv website, click here. You can also download the SonyLiv Android app here and iOS app here.

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Facebook Watch

Top 7 sports streaming websites and apps | Candid.TechnologyAlthough nearly two billion users are registered on Facebook, and several billion more on Facebook-owned service, not a lot of them are familiar with Facebook Watch. The streaming service is currently limited, yet it is a great platform because users do not have to register on any other website.

Here are the steps to use Facebook Watch.

  • Navigate to the following link: and then sign in with your Facebook account.
  • Now, in the search videos box, type sports. You can also enter the name of the sport such as football or cricket.
  •  Click on Live for live streaming.

You can access Facebook Watch here


Hotstar is one of the most popular streaming services in the Indian subcontinent. The service is quite inexpensive at only INR 365 per year, which translates to a rupee per day.

You can get a glimpse of the live matches (for about 5 minutes) if you are a free user. After that, you will have to buy the Hotstar VIP or Premium plan to continue streaming. The sports segment of the website features various sports such as Cricket, Football, Wrestling, Formula 1, eSports and several water sports, among others.

Go to this website if you love a variety of sports.

You can access Hotstar’s website here, Android app here and iOS app here.

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On this website, you will find several live links below the sports categories. The website is clean and clutter-free, and in just a few clicks, you can access live streaming.

Here, you can watch Football, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing and a few other sports. On the downside, this website opens up several links which can be malicious and can harm your computer. Finding safe links is a task in itself. If you have ample free time and anti-virus installed with real-time protection, it won’t hurt to check out this website.

Click here to access SportLemonTV.

This is another popular sports streaming website where you can watch the live-action. You can also watch the highlights from the website.

When you click on the sport, you will see several live streaming links to that tournament. Most of these links work fine; however, some links have embedded pop-up ads that cannot be blocked. So, you must exert caution and avoid clicking on the ads.

Click here to visit

You can use any of the websites that we have mentioned above to stream sports online.

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