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10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on a budget

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Having a good Bluetooth speaker can be the difference between a great party and a total mess. But what is a good Bluetooth speaker? Is it only about the audio quality? Is it the added functionality, the volume levels, the connectivity or the wattage?

Sit back and relax as we bring you answer’s to all these questions. In this article, we bring you ten coolest Bluetooth speakers that are sure to rock your party.

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Bose Soundlink Color II

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

Don’t let the small size and minimalistic design fool you. The Soundlink Color II packs some serious punch for its size — as is the case with any Bose speaker you encounter.

It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with up to eight hours of battery life and weighs just about half a kilogram. It’s waterproof too, so if you’re listening to music near the pool or a lake, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The Soundlink Color is soft to the touch with a smooth silicone finish. This makes the speaker really easy to hold as well as pretty durable. It has dual opposing passive radiators, which keep vibrations to a minimum when thumping out your favourite music.

You’ve got a mic in there too if you want to take some phone calls. There is seamless Bluetooth connectivity and there is a 3.5mm auxiliary input as well. The Bose sound connect app makes things even better.

It’s available in a bunch of super vibrant and attractive colours. The price usually keeps fluctuating around 10,000. Overall, an amazing buy.

The Bose Soundlink Color II is currently on sale for ₹9,999.

You can find the Bose Soundlink Color II here

Bose Soundlink Micro

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

The second Bose speaker on the list, the Soundlink Micro resembles its elder brother the Soundlink Color II in a lot of ways.

You’ve got almost the same design, just in a smaller form factor. While the SoundLink Color is a bigger speaker, the SoundLink Micro is more aimed towards being a small portable speaker that you can take with you to a trek or just throw in your backpack.

All the features are nearly the same too. The Micro is IPX7 rated waterproof. You’ve got the same silicone coating as on the Color II. There’s a microphone for taking calls, you’ve got Siri/Google Assistant support and you get about 6 hours of battery life.

The Bose sound connect app once again makes using the speaker a great experience. It has a pretty convenient clip on the back that you can use to attach it to your backpack or even your bike. The Micro is available in a bunch of bright colours too.

The Bose SoundLink Micro is currently retailing for ₹8,990.

You can find the Bose SoundLink Micro here.

JBL Flip 3 & 4

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

The JBL Flip speakers shout out ‘I’m cool’ from miles away. These speakers are designed as cylinders with grills covering the entire front surface.

The Flip has a very portable design. You’ve got about five hours of battery life, mindblowing bass (the Flip has a bass port), mic to calls and an amazing sound experience overall. There’s a 3.5mm aux port in addition to Bluetooth as well.

There are not many differences between Flip 3 and Flip 4. The Flip 4 just sounds a little bit deeper and also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration. Flip 4 also comes with a feature where a number of them can be linked together to make a bigger and better speaker system.

There are a bunch of cool designs to pick from. The speaker is adequately priced and delivers pretty well.

The JBL Flip 3 currently retails for ₹ 5,988

You can find the JBL Flip 3 here

The JBL Flip 4 currently retails for  ₹ 7,790

You can find the JBL Flip 4 here

Google Home 

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget
Photo by Thomas Kolnowski

If you’re looking from something that is a bit more than just a Bluetooth speaker, this might be one thing you are looking for.

The Google Home is a powerful smart speaker that has Google Assistant built in. You can ask it to do everything you would otherwise ask Google Assitant on your phone to do. The speaker quality is really good and it has a good amount of bass as well.

However, the Goole Home mini is a bit different from other Bluetooth speakers on this list. It doesn’t have an inbuilt battery. This means it has to be plugged into a wall outlet at all times. It also needs a WiFi connection for the Google Assistant to work.

Both are primarily smart speakers but offer good functionality as a Bluetooth speaker as well. It retails for about ₹9,999 on Flipkart. However, you might find it for cheaper in stores like Chroma.

The Google Home currently retails for  ₹ 9,999

You can find the Google Home here

If you’re tight on budget and are looking for a smart speaker that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker, look no more.

The Google Home Mini is a tiny smart speaker that sells for around ₹4,499, but you can buy it for as low as ₹2,299 during sales (I did).

You can find the Google Home Mini here

Amazon Echo

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

If you’re looking for something different than Google Assistant in your smart speaker, the Amazon Echo is your second choice.

The Echo has good sound quality for its price with deep bass and stable highs. It can double up as a Bluetooth speaker and has a 3.5mm aux jack.

The Alexa voice assistant is also pretty good. I wouldn’t say that it is on par with Gooogle Assistant but it is catching up quickly. You can ask it to play music, manage your day to day stuff and even buy things from Amazon.

The Amazon Echo retails for about ₹6,999.

You can get the Amazon Echo here

Just like the Google Home Mini, the Echo Dot is a smaller version of the Echo.

The 3rd generation Echo dot is a cute little speaker that packs quite a punch. From Alexa to the reworked look and increased sound quality, everything justifies the price tag of ₹2,499 for the 2nd generation and ₹4,499 for the 3rd generation.

You can find the Amazon Echo Dot here

Altec Lansing Grip

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

Moving back towards more conventional Bluetooth speakers, the Altec Lansing Grip stands out.

The speaker has a sleek cylindrical design, almost similar to the JBL Flip series. This helps in providing a unique touch and grip to the speaker. The overall design aesthetic is really clean on this one.

On the connectivity side of things, the Lansing Grip has Bluetooth 4.1 along with NFC to provide seamless connectivity with a range of devices.

It can pack some serious power for its size and those dual 12watt speakers will blow your head away. The 2000 mAh battery and IPX4 waterproof rating take care of everything else.

The Altec Lansing Grip currently retails for ₹ 5,879

You can find the Altec Lansing Grip here

Altec Lansing H20 IMW457

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

The second Altec speaker on our list, the Lansing H20 takes things up a notch. For most parts, the Lansing H2O is the elder brother to the Lansing Grip. There’s a changed design aesthetic too.

What really steals the show here is the IP67 rating of the Lansing H2O, oh and the fact that it floats. The company claims it to be ‘Everything Proof’ and the speaker lives up to it. There are Bluetooth and AUX on the connectivity part and the dual 10-watt speakers deliver amazing sound quality.

The Altec Lansing H20 IMW457 currently retails for ₹ 7,159

You can find the Altec Lansing H20 IMW457 here

Sony SRS-XB31 Extra Bass

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

Yeah, Sony has a weird habit of giving complicated names to its headphones and speakers.

Move past that and what you see is a shiny little speaker that kills in the design department. It’s got a very sporty look to it with LED strips along the sound grill.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC for instant connectivity. Sony claims it has been made especially for EDM, hence the loud bass and punchy sound. You can also link up to 100 of these speakers for some really crazy sound — much like JBL Flip 4.

The Sony SRS-XB31 Extra Bass currently retails for ₹ 9,470

You can get the Sony SRS-XB31 Extra Bass here.

iBall Music Karaoke Barrel

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

Want something to rock the party? Say no more.

The iBall Music Karaoke Barrel, as it is called by the parent company, is an insanely large Bluetooth speaker that delivers groundbreaking bass with crystal clear trebles. The speaker is huge in size, which allows it to house dual 6″ drivers that will completely blow your mind away.

The barrel also comes with a handheld wireless mic that is aimed to be used for karaoke sessions. It also has a pretty big built-in battery which should really last you long.

The iBall Music Karaoke Barrel retails for ₹ 4,065

You can find the iBall Music Karaoke Barrel here

Oscar OSC-16600BT

10 coolest Bluetooth speakers under INR 10,000 for audiophiles on budget

Now to the biggest speaker on our list, the Oscar OSC crushes all competition by leaps and bounds.

Owing to its huge size and tower-like shape, the Oscar OSC has the sound that will blow you out of proportion. It has got all the good stuff – Bluetooth 4.1, external mic support, karaoke support, 3.5mm aux jack and a bunch of RGB lights too.

With a 15000 Watt PMPO, you’re going to feel every thump of the music.

The Oscar OSC-16600BT currently retails for ₹ 7,190

You can get the Oscar OSC-16600BT here

So there you have it, ten supercool speakers to choose from. Pick the one you like the most and dance to the beat of your own drum. Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

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