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Bytepaper is an affordable one-stop-shop for your CRM needs

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Business owners are constantly on the lookout for new products to increase the efficiency of their workflow, especially concerning relationship management with their current and potential customers — irrespective of whether it’s a B2B or B2C business. Moreover, the past year has made it all the more clear and important to keep ahead of time and invest in an online presence for your business. And what better way to keep track of your sales team, customers and potential leads than an affordable CRM sales and marketing tool, which is user friendly and can be accessed from anywhere on the web? Enter Bytepaper, by Abracket.

Bytepaper was founded in 2016 and currently serves the needs of more than 800 companies in India, including Bengaluru-based ClearTax. The company’s SaaS model effortlessly delivers several sales and marketing solutions for startups, SMBs and large organisations that cater to thousands of users starting at as low as INR 6999 per year. They also have tailor-made solutions starting at INR 9999 per year for IT Services, Trading, Real Estate, Education, Manufacturers and Consultants, to name a few.

If you’re interested in trying before buying, Bytepaper also offers a week-long free trial with limited features. Any data during this trial period carries onto your paid account.

Bytepaper doesn’t only offer affordable CRM solutions but also includes features that give them an edge over the bigger names in the CRM market, including companies like Salesforce and Zoho, who charge a premium for their services. Bytepaper also offers bookkeeping solutions and a free marketing tool to its Sales CRM subscribers.

The company’s founders, Manish Kumar and Priya Sood, are of a firm belief that adaptability is key to any business’ growth, and they’ve put that to the test. As a result, not only did they come out unscathed and prosperous during the pandemic, but also helped hundreds of their clients do the same with their ever-growing list of solutions on offer that kept changing and improving as required by the evolving needs of businesses over the past year.


As mentioned above, you can opt for a free trial of Bytepaper before you buy any of its plans, which start at INR 6999.

Bytepaper’s CRM Sales app can be bought for INR 6999 per year. Check out its details below, followed by the other industry-specific offerings by the company.

Price₹6,999 per year
Additional Users₹2499 per year per user
FeaturesCustom Sales Pipelines | Task Management | Dashboard and Sales Reports | Call Reports
IntegrationsLead portal integrations | IVR integrations | SMS and Whatsapp integrations
AppAvailable for Mobile
WebIt can be accessed from any device anywhere with internet connectivity and login details.
Bytepaper Industry-specific PlansPriceFeatures
IT Services₹14,9995 users | Marketings | Sales | Books | Support
Trading₹14,9995 users | Marketings | Sales | Orders | Books
Real Estate₹14,9995 users | Marketings | Sales | Books | Inventory (Properties ) | Drive (File Keeping)
Consultants₹99993 users | Marketings | Sales | Books
Education₹99993 users | Marketings | Sales | Books
Manufacturers₹99993 users | Marketings | Sales | Books

Abracket, the parent company of Bytepaper, launched DawaiShop earlier this year, which caters to pharmaceutical businesses, including merchants who want to bring their business online. The company is currently also testing another app to make it easier to keep track of work and workforce while working remotely.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team