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Can you see who viewed your Facebook video?

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Facebook is a huge social media platform that offers various features on its app, including groups, marketplace, Watch, memories, and many others. Now, whether you have a crush or a friend to whom you have dedicated a video on Facebook, you might wanna check if they viewed your video. You might even want to control who views your videos to maintain your privacy.

In this article, we will discuss if you can check how many people have viewed or liked your video on Facebook.

Can you view the viewers?

Apparently, Facebook can only inform you of how many views or likes your video received regardless of the video’s nature, that is, a live video. The number of views will be visible under every video and the view will only count if it has been viewed by a person for more than three seconds.

No, you cannot check who has viewed your Facebook video.

If you want to check who has viewed your Facebook Live video stream, you can do so by heading to their live stream management page. You can get an idea about the viewers by the number of comments or likes received; however, this scale is not entirely reliable. When you are live on Facebook, you can check who is watching, whereas when you view your recorded live stream, it will be shown to you as any other video with only the number of viewers visible.

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Temporary solution

You can get information about audience engagement and the duration of their watch, age, gender, and country of the viewers including the organic and paid reach. If you ask your audience to interact with you, then you can check the likes and comments to gather who has viewed your videos.

A live stream allows you to see who is watching.

If you want to gather more viewers, you can set your videos and posts to public and attract a larger audience, this way when you do go Live, you can check who all are interacting with your Live video by commenting and sharing.

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