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Can you see who views your VSCO profile and pictures?

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Social networks require the picture-perfect upload and so a lot of creators as well as regular social media users flock to photo editors to make their click even more memorable. One such photo editor is VSCO, but that’s not all the app is; it also functions as a community for people using the tool.

VSCO allows people to showcase their photos on their profile in-app. These photos can be viewed by other people using VSCO, who can also follow your profile to get updates whenever you post new photos and also collect/favourite your photo to view later.

While people can keep track of your uploads, it’s not possible for you to see who views your VSCO profile and pictures.

Your images can also surface on the ‘popular’ page of the app or the curated Discover tab, showcasing images from many profiles. Building on their community features, VSCO also announced Spaces, allowing creators to connect via shared galleries and visual conversations.

If you’re not interested in sharing your photos with the entire VSCO community, you can set individual photos to private using the Journal feature in the app.

While VSCO was primarily built as a standalone photo editing app, it has slowly transitioned into a community-based photo editing tool.

However, it still doesn’t track user activity as wildly as Instagram, Snapchat or any other popular social network. If you visit someone’s profile on VSCO, they won’t know, and you won’t either when someone visits yours. You also can’t view your followers’ names and aren’t notified if someone reshares your photo.

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