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CenturyLink modem blinking blue: Quick Fix

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If you’re facing issues with Centurylink modems, including Axon C4000BG, C4000LG, C4000XG, Zyxel C4000Bz and C4000Lz, among others, you’ve come to the right place; more particularly if your Centurylink modem is blinking blue.

Centurylink modems usually blink blue during the initial boot-up when looking for the Centurylink network. Once the modem is connected, it will display a solid blue light instead of a flashing one.

However, if the blue light blinks for more than five minutes, you might have a problem, which can arise due to loose cord connections, network outage or hardware issues such as a faulty jack.

Here are five ways to troubleshoot a Centurylink modem blinking blue before you’ve to return the product for repairs.

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Restart the modem

If it’s been far too long for the modem to be updating, you should restart your modem. Restarting internet devices can fix seemingly random issues that cause connectivity problems, including the Centurylink modem blinking blue issue. Just turn off your router (and modem) and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on again. 

Check the cables

The first thing you need to check is that the DSL cable (usually the green-coloured one) is properly plugged into the modem and wall jack. A loose connection on either end can cause a prolonged blue-blinking light on your Centurylink modem.

The next thing to do is check to see if the splitter, the incoming WAN cable and any other inbound connections to your modem and router are intact. Regular wear and tear can damage the cable carrying WAN signals to your modem, causing internet issues. 

If you see any damage to any inbound connections, including any cuts and breaks, reach out to your ISP for support and get them to fix the cables. 

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Give the modem/router some time

Regardless of whether your modem or router is updating or is trying to connect to the internet, give it some time to go through the process. If you restart your device in the middle of a firmware update, that can cause problems and even brick it due to an improperly installed firmware update. Give it about 30 minutes, give or take and check back again to see if the modem has started working. 

Check for outages

Outages from your ISP’s end can also cause blue lights on your modem. Check out the Centurylink service outage page to see if your area is experiencing issues. If you are facing issues, you can contact Centurylink to find out how long it’ll take for services to resume.

Contact Centurylink support

Finally, if nothing else works, you will have to contact Centurylink support and have them assist you remotely or send a technician over to your house to diagnose and fix the problem. There’s a good chance that the issue actually persists in your modem, and a replacement from the ISP would be able to fix the problem.

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CT Editorial Team