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Official ChatGPT iOS app released; Android app coming soon

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OpenAI has announced an official iOS App Store app that’ll allow users to access the viral chatbot free of cost, without any ads and with voice input. The app is initially limited to US users but will “expand to additional countries in the coming weeks”. Android users will have to wait a bit longer, but OpenAI has confirmed that an official app will be heading over to the Google Play Store as well. 

Similar to its desktop counterpart, the ChatGPT app lets users interact with the chatbot to ask questions without the need of running a regular Google or Bing search. The app will also sync across devices meaning you can look up your chat history from any logged-in device. As is the case with the website, you need ChatGPT Plus to access GPT-4 as free users still have to make do with GPT-3.5.

OpenAI’s approach of launching its chatbot without any ads or additional search results included in the answer is a straight response to Google’s Bard and its own partner, Microsoft’s Bing Chat. One of the biggest relying factors of ChatGPT’s mobile app experience is the fact that it’s ad-free. You can find OpenAI touting it in their announcement and even the ChatGPT app’s App Store description

OpenAI is making a push in the mobile space with the first official ChatGPT app. | Source: Apple App Store

Microsoft is already integrating ads into Bing Chat and Google will also start doing so sooner or later. Besides, as Microsoft and Google both remove waitlists from their AI chatbots and open them up to more people, OpenAI’s approach of releasing their chatbot as a separate app, especially on iOS where the AI assistant Siri isn’t exactly the greatest and Google enjoys being the default search engine on Safari, could change the way how people interact with chatbots in the first place. 

Opening an app and typing or speaking your question and getting a simple, straightforward answer instead of having to go through tons of search results as well as annoying ads is a very alluring idea. Besides, with the influx of fake ChatGPT and AI apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it’s nice to finally have the official app available as well. 

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