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What is Client ID in Zerodha?

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Every Demat Account holder on Zerodha has a 16-digit account number issued by the CDSL (Central Depositories Services India Ltd.) depository. Furthermore, this account is known as the BO ID (Beneficiary Owner ID). The Demat Account Number is unique for every client.

Demat ID is a combination of DP ID and Client ID. The initial 8-digits of the Demat ID is known as the Depository ID or DP ID. A DP ID is an identification numeral for the participant member of the depository. This depository participant is an entity that maintains the Demat Account.

Likewise, the remaining 8-digits of the Demat ID is known as the Client ID or BO ID. Client ID is distinctive for every client. One can look it up on the Zerodha console anytime.

Demat Account Number (16 digit) = CDSL DP ID (8 digit) + CDSL Client ID (8 digit)

Further, identify how to search your Client ID on the Broker Website or the Demat Account statement with the below steps. And read more to find out where can you use this Client ID in Zerodha.

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How to find your Client ID in Zerodha?

To illustrate the steps to find your client ID in the Zerodha console.

Step 1: Go to the Zerodha console.

What is Client ID in Zerodha?

Step 2: Click on the Account option at the top right corner of the screen.

What is Client ID in Zerodha?

Step 3: On the Account screen, click on the Demat option.

What is Client ID in Zerodha?

Step 4: The screen will display your Demat Account details.

What is Client ID in Zerodha?

DP ID is standard for every Demat Account Owner. A client who had enlisted a Demat Account before 15th September 2015 will have their DP ID as IN300095. However, a client who registered their Demat Account after 15th September 2015 will notice that their DP ID in the console is 12081600.

For example, if a Demat Account Number is 1208160023456789, then:

  • 12081600 will be the DP ID, and
  • 23456789 will be the Client ID

One needs their Demat Account details for filling out the Zerodha applications. For instance, the DP ID and Client ID are crucial for filling out the IPO Applications. Even the CDSL TPin Authorization mandates the use of a 16-digit BO ID.

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